Can I do my CSCS health and safety test online?

Online Health & Safety Awareness In Construction required to apply for the CSCS Green Card. Start the straightforward mobile friendly learning material as soon as you like & complete at your own pace. Take your test & course in the comfort of your own home & book after purchase.

What is the pass mark for health safety and environment test?

Operatives Test: pass mark is 45 out of 50. Specialist/Supervisory Test: pass mark is 45 out of 50. Managers and Professionals Test: pass mark is 46 out of 50.

What qualification is HS&E test for operatives?

There are three types of HS&E test: Operative – tests for a basic level of health, safety and environmental awareness. This test is required when applying for the Labourer card, the Trainee card, the Apprentice card, most Blue Skilled Worker cards and most Gold Advanced Craft cards.

How many questions are on the health and safety test?

50 questions
Candidates have 45 minutes to answer the 50 questions. The test now includes new question styles. Behavioural case studies are also used in the test to check a candidate’s understanding of health, safety and environmental issues, and how to behave safely on-site.

How long is CITB test valid for?

2 years
For the purposes of applying for a CSCS card the CITB Health, safety and environment test must have been passed within the last 2 years. After 2 years CSCS requires applicants to retake the test.

How long is CITB card valid for?

How long does a CITB card last? Most CSCS cards are valid for five years. Once this time has passed, the card will need to be renewed. Red cards differ in their validity depending on the type that has been issued.

What is the pass mark for CSCS operatives test?

In order to pass the test, the candidate has to meet the minimum standard for each individual category as well as for the test overall: The CSCS operative test pass mark is 45/50. The CSCS specialist test pass mark is 45/50.

Is a CITB test the same as CSCS?

The CITB test and the CSCS are two different things. CITB conducts the test for ensuring the health and safety of the environment while the CSCS test is conducted under the CSCS scheme in order to prove the competency of the skills of the workers in their works.

Is it law to have a CSCS card on a construction site?

Holding a CSCS card is not a legislative requirement. It is entirely up to the principal contractor or client whether workers are required to hold a card before they are allowed on site. However, most principal contractors and major house builders require construction workers on their sites to hold a valid card.

What is the difference between CSCS and CITB?