What is marine mechanic training?

Marine Service Technicians Training Marine mechanic training programs include a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on training on gas engines, diesel engines, marine engine systems, inboard motors, and outboard 2-stroke and 4-stroke motors.

What do you call a marine mechanic?

Marine technicians, commonly referred to as marine mechanics, repair mechanical and electrical components of ship and boat engines.

What is a marine engine technician?

Marine Engine Technicians test, diagnose, inspect, repair, and maintain boat engines and associated boat handling and systems equipment to ensure their effective use and safe operation.

How do you become a mechanic on a ship?

Career Requirements To become a ship mechanic you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in merchant marine engineering. Ship mechanics who work on ocean vessels are usually required to obtain merchant mariner credentials, which requires related sea experience.

What do marine technicians do?

What is a marine technician? A marine mechanic/technician works in the repair and maintenance of boats and other marine vessels. They perform replacements of parts, install new equipment, and perform routine maintenance activities.

How do you become a ship mechanic?

Once you graduate high school, completing a certificate course will require about one year, while an associate’s degree can take up to two years. Apprenticeship programs for marine mechanics can span over four years.

What does a ship mechanic do?

Ship mechanics, also referred to as ship engineers, are responsible for maintaining engines on ships. This includes monitoring related machinery, such as generators, electrical equipment, boilers, and pumps. Depending on the size of the vessel, ship mechanics may work alone or with other technicians.

How long is mechanic school in the Marine Corps?

Boot camp, or Marine Basic Training, lasts 13 weeks and will push your limits from a physical and mental standpoint.

What are the best schools for Marine Mechanics in the US?

These programs are typically offered at community colleges and technical schools. Skagit Valley College, Alexandria Technical and Community College, and Cape Fear Community College offer some of the best academic programs in the nation for aspiring marine mechanics.

Can you take boat and Marine mechanics courses online?

Due to the necessity for significant hands-on training, online programs and courses in boat and marine mechanics are rare. There are a number of schools that offer continuing education units and stand-alone courses in different aspects of the field. However, the training programs at most schools are conducted entirely on campus.

What degree do you need to become a marine mechanic?

Aspiring marine mechanics can earn an associate’s degree or a certificate in the field. These programs are typically offered at community colleges and technical schools.

Is now a good time to go to boat mechanic school?

A boat mechanic school can help you achieve that ideal. And right now could be an opportune time to enter this field. More than 87 million U.S. residents take part in recreational boating each year, and that number represents part of an overall rising trend.