What is an extended profile Twitter?

Twitter recently launched “Enhanced Profile Pages,” upgraded Twitter pages where brands can install a banner image, pin a tweet to the top of their feeds, and more.

How do I make my Twitter profile attractive?

11 Tips to Make Your Twitter Profile Stand Out

  1. Keep Your Audience in Mind to Attract the Right People.
  2. Make Sure Your Bio Clearly States What You’re All About.
  3. Create a Header Image That Grabs Attention & Educates.
  4. Pin Your Best Tweet to the Top of Your Twitter Profile.
  5. Be Consistent When Posting to Keep Your Account Active.

How do I customize my Twitter page?

How to customize your profile

  1. Sign in to twitter.com or open your Twitter app (iOS or Android).
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Click or tap the Edit profile button and you’ll be able to edit your:
  4. Click or tap into any of these areas and make your changes.

What is a Twitter professional profile?

Twitter Professional Profiles allow you to display specific information about your brand or business, directly on your profile. A Professional Profile will enable you, for the first time ever, to have a unique and clearly defined presence on the platform, separate from the general user.

What is Twitter Statuses_count?

statuses_count. Int. The number of Tweets (including retweets) issued by the user.

What is Listed_count Twitter?

The New Twitter Popularity Gauge What is appearing now is a new indicator of popularity – The Listed Count – that shows how many people have added you to a list.

How do I view sensitive content on Twitter?

View instructions for twitter.com by selecting the desktop computer icon.

  1. In the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon or your profile icon.
  2. Tap Privacy and safety.
  3. Under Safety, check the box next to Display media that may contain sensitive content.

How do I change my sensitive content on Twitter?

Tap Settings and privacy. Tap Privacy and safety. Look for the Safety section and toggle the button next to Mark media you Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive.

Should I make a professional Twitter?

Although having a professional twitter account comes with many benefits, it is also an area with a lot of potential pitfalls. Anyone could come across your Twitter profile including colleagues, recruiters or even your manager so it’s really important to have a professional, relevant presence on Twitter.

What is Listed_count?

listed_count. Int. The number of public lists that this user is a member of.

How do I get my tweet count from Tweepy?

Python Tweepy – Getting the number of tweets a user has tweeted

  1. Identify the user ID or the screen name of the profile.
  2. Get the User object of the profile using the get_user() method with the user ID or the screen name.
  3. From this object, fetch the statuses_count attribute present in it.