What does Wensleydale cheese go with?

Serve your cheese with a selection of accompaniments – choose from grapes, chutney, quince, freshly cut apple or pear, celery, nuts, figs, dried fruit, or cured meats such as Parma ham and prosciutto. Choosing your chutney is also worth considering, as different types of chutney work well with different cheeses.

What is Wallace’s favorite cheese?

The main character of the series, Wallace, a cheese connoisseur inventor, mentions Wensleydale as a particularly favourite cheese.

What cheese do Wallace and Gromit eat?

Wensleydale. SIEGEL: Now we have it on good authority that on the strength of “Wallace and Gromit” alone Wensleydale cheese has become a favorite cheese of British schoolchildren. Wensleydale, we are assured, is a chalky cheese and was a popular cheese in the UK even before becoming a best-seller.

What kind of cheese is Wensleydale?

Wensleydale with Cranberries is a hand-made Yorkshire cheese that is sold fresh & young at only three weeks old. The cheese has a sweet flavour of the fruity succulence of juicy cranberries with honeyed undertones.

Can you melt Wensleydale cheese?

“The unique crumbly texture of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese makes it the perfect choice for cheese on toast. Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese gently melts and also retains some of its structure whilst doing so. This works really well, as the cheese doesn’t run off the toast and create a culinary disaster!

Why does Wallace like Wensleydale?

The flavour suggests wild honey balanced with a fresh acidity. In the 1990s, sales had fallen so low that production was at risk of being suspended. Fortunately, inspiration struck when in 1995, Wallace proclaimed Wensleydale as his favorite cheese in A Close Shave.

What is Wallace’s Favourite food?

Cheese is solid food made by coagulating the milk from an animal such as a cow, goat, sheep, water buffalo, or camel. It is Wallace’s favorite food (mostly Wensleydale), and he is something of a connoisseur of the dairy dish. Cheese, often enjoyed with crackers, plays an integral role in the Wallace and Gromit series.

Did Gromit eat cheese?

CHEESE! Cheese, often enjoyed with crackers, plays an integral role in the Wallace and Gromit series. However, it should be noted that Hutch, a rabbit clone of Wallace that was created due to an accident with the Mind-o-Matic, is also a lover of cheese, seeing as he eagerly ate it from Gromit’s hand.

Is Wensleydale cheese creamy?

Yorkshire Wensleydale is our iconic, creamy, crumbly classic, and is protected with European Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

What kind of milk is Wensleydale?

Sheep’s Milk
Sheep’s Milk Wensleydale – A mild, fresh flavoured cheese with a smooth, creamy texture, made from pure sheep’s milk.