Is Xiao Zhan popular?

Known for his androgynous good looks, Xiao earned legions of devoted, mostly female fans through his role in the 2019 fantasy drama The Untamed, and has over 29 million followers on Weibo alone.

How did Xiao Zhan become an actor?

On top of debuting as a singer in 2016, Xiao Zhan also debuted as an actor in the same year when he took on the lead role of Fang Tian Ze in Superstar Academy. He then went on to star in Oh! My Emperor and Battle Through The Heavens in 2018, which earned him more recognition as an actor.

Where is Xiao Zhan from?

Chongqing, ChinaXiao Zhan / Place of birth

What is Jolin Tsai worth?

NT$2 billion
She has received a total of seven Golden Melody Awards, making her the female Mandopop artist with the most wins. She is one of the highest-paid Taiwanese female artists, and she has featured multiple times on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list. In 2014, Next Magazine reported that her estimated net worth exceeded NT$ …

Is Wang Yibo Chanel ambassador?

Actor Wang Yibo, who was announced as Chanel’s brand ambassador this June, epitomises the genderless chic becoming popular in China’s fashion community.