How to look up ZIP Codes of barangays in the Philippines?

This handy Zip Code tool can be used to look up specific zip codes of barangays and municipalities in the entire Philippines. To look up a certain zip code or postal code, simply key in the barangay/location on the search bar.

What is the meaning of Philippine ZIP code?

Also, unlike American ZIP codes, the Philippine code is a four-digit number representing two things: in Metro Manila, a barangay within a city or city district (as in the case for Manila), and outside Metro Manila, a town or city.

What are the different number of 1470s in the Philippines?

1470: Malabon 1471: Catmon 1472: Longos 1473: Tonsuya 1474: Acacia 1475: Potrero 1476: Araneta Subdivision 1477: Maysilo 1478: Santolan 1479: Muzon 1480: Dampalit 1470: Tinajeros 1480: UFO 1481: NCR.

What are the 1011 post offices in Manila?

1000: Manila Central Post Office 1001: Quiapo 1002: Intramuros 1003: Santa Cruz South 1004: Malate 1005: San Miguel 1006: Binondo 1007: Paco 1008: Sampaloc East 1009: Santa Ana 1010: San Nicolas 1011: Pandacan 1012: Tondo South 1013: Tondo North 1014: Santa Cruz North 1015: Sampaloc West 1016: Santa Mesa 1017: San Andres 1018: Port Area South.

What is the history of NBSAP in the Philippines?

Introduction The Philippines started formulating its NBSAP in 1994 with the preparation of the Philippine Strategy for the CBD. In 1995, the Philippines undertook an assessment of the country’s biodiversity through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – assisted Philippine Biodiversity Country Study.

What does NBSAP stand for?

In compliance with these obligations, we formulated the 1997 National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan (NBSAP), which under Article 6 of the Convention is the principal instrument for implementing the Convention at the national level.

What is the ZIP code of Bataan?

Zip Codes for Bataan Bataan Location Zip Code Abucay 2114 Bagac 2107 Balanga 2100 Dinalupihan 2110 Hermosa 2111 Lamao 2104 Limay