How do I get my BBC Red Button to work?

Simply press the red button on your remote control at any time. Sometimes you will be prompted to press the red button by an announcement in a programme or a red button logo appearing in the top right-hand corner of your TV screen.

Is BBC Red Button same as iPlayer?

iPlayer doesn’t have a Red Button channel so to speak, but depending on what it is you are trying to watch you may be able to stream it live on iPlayer on on the BBC Sport website.

Do you have to pay for BBC Red Button?

BBC Red Button | free and easy.

Why is my BBC Red Button Not Working?

Try connecting your TV to the internet if you would like to try Connected Red Button. If you still cannot access Connected Red Button, check whether your television/set-top box supports ‘HBBTV’, which is the technology required to run Connected Red Button. You may need to confirm this with the manufacturer.

Why can’t I get the red button on my TV?

It’s possible that your television does not have the technology (MHEG) to support Red Button. This is more common on newer devices. If this is the situation for you, Connected Red Button will be the only option, and the television would need to be connected to the internet.

How do I access BBC Red Button online?

Live sport coverage on Red Button, online at, mobile and connected TV.

How do I watch football on Red Button?

Watching games on the Red Button service couldn’t be easier. Simply head to BBC ONE and hit the red button on your remote, bringing up the interactive menus. Select sport from the drop down menu and then the match of your choice.

What is the red button on the BBC?

Currently, BBC Red Button provides one video stream to all platforms, which can be accessed directly from Freeview channel 601, Freesat channel 981, Sky channel 981 (UK only) and Virgin Media UK channel 991, but the feed is only standard definition. How Do I Watch Something On The Red Button? The BBC offers live sport coverage on Red Button.

What is the red button on a TV remote control?

Red Button The BBC offers two different red button services that you access by pressing the red button on your remote control when on a BBC channel. Red Button – contains both text-based services and additional television streams. This is for those televisions not connected to the internet.

What is the red button on Freesat?

The Red Button also offers short headline snippets for users wanting to quickly catch-up on the latest sporting news. Visit this page for more details on the Connected Red Button. Freesat. BBC Sport is available on the Freesat HDR-1000S with Freetime.

What is the difference between Red Button and connected red button?

The technology for Red Button requires ‘MHEG’, while for Connected Red Button the device will need to support ‘HBBTV’. You may need to contact the manufacturer if you cannot find this via a manufacturer’s website or in the manual. Some newer television sets may only support HBBTV.