Are Michael English and Marcie still married?

Shortly after their affair became public, she announced that she’d had a miscarriage. Once they were both separated from their respective spouses, he says, they tried to get back together. But her career, like his, was irrevocably damaged, and things just didn’t work out. English finally got his divorce.

Is Michael English in a relationship?

Country star Michael English confirms he’s still single – but not interested in dating apps. “When you’re away for a month, two months, it’s very difficult to have a relationship, I’d feel bad doing that to somebody,” he admitted. “I feel sorry for some of the guys who have kids.”

How old is Michael English now?

59 years (April 12, 1962)Michael English / Age

Who was Michael English second wife?

Marcie StambaughMichael English / Wife (m. 2002)

Is Biney English sick?

Wallace, NC (July 14, 2016) Grace English, mother of Gospel singers Michael and Biney English passed away yesterday surrounded by her family after bravely battling the illness that took her life. Michael stated, “Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers.

Is Guy Penrod still married?

Personal life. Penrod and his wife, Angie (Clark), have eight children—seven boys and a girl. All of their children are home schooled.

Who was Michael English’s first wife?

Lisa Bailey
After graduating from high school, he joined The Singing Americans, where he shortened his name to Mike English, later going back to Michael. He left the group in 1982 and joined The Goodmans. At about the same time he married his first wife Lisa Bailey and they had a daughter Megan who was born in late 1984.

Why did Guy Penrod leave the Gaithers?

Because the demand on David’s time has exploded during recent years, he is departing from the Gaither Vocal Band to concentrate on his solo career full-time.

What Happened to Micheal English?

His label dropped him, and Christian radio and retail banned him. His career screeched to a halt, and his personal life spiraled out of control. In the decade that followed, English battled substance abuse and was arrested on drug-related charges, but his life is now back on track.

What nationality is Guy Penrod?

AmericanGuy Penrod / Nationality

What is Ernie Haase doing now?

Nearly four decades later, Haase is now leading his own Southern gospel quartet, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. The group will perform Saturday at Lancaster Mennonite High School’s High Fine Arts Center.