Is a Christmas Prince a sequel?

The film’s success led to two sequels, “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” and “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.” The second film was announced in May 2018 (via The Hollywood Reporter), and the third installment was announced even in March 2019 (via Twitter), teasing the eager and positive reception from fans …

How many Christmas with a prince movies are there?

A Christmas Prince2017
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding2018A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby2019
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What town was A Prince for Christmas filmed in?

East Aurora
Kirk Barker stars in “A Prince for Christmas.” The film, which was shot in East Aurora, returns to the village for a free showing on Nov. 23.

Is A Prince for Christmas based on a true story?

Author Karen Schaler, who wrote the popular original film that follows Amber, an ambitious journalist who falls for Prince Richard, the heir of the fictional country of Aldovia, reveals to ET that the onscreen story was loosely based on her experiences covering Prince William and Prince Harry.

Is there A Christmas Prince 3?

The streaming network released the third film of the franchise in 2019. The third film is titled A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. All three Christmas Prince movies are available to stream on Netflix.

Is Aldovia a real country?

Everyone with access to Netflix and a willing suspension of disbelief is familiar with Aldovia, the European country ruled by Queen Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb). Of course, Aldovia isn’t real, but the trilogy was filmed in a real castle in Sinaia, Romania.

Where can I watch Christmas with a prince movies?

Christmas With a Prince: Becoming Royal, a romance movie starring Josh Dean, Kaitlyn Leeb, and Nick Hounslow is available to stream now. Watch it on Redbox., FilmRise Comedy, FilmRise Family, FilmRise Drama, FilmRise, The Roku Channel or UP Faith & Family on your Roku device.

Where is the Aldovia Castle?

Sinaia, Romania
The royal castle of Aldovia, seen in all three Christmas Prince films, is actually Peleș Castle, located in Sinaia, Romania.

Where was a princess for Christmas 2015 filmed?

“A Prince for Christmas,” filmed in East Aurora, New York, airs tonight on ION Television.

What country is Christmas Prince from?

Location. The trilogy was filmed at Peleș Castle, Sinaia, Romania. Other filming locations in Romania included Bragadiru Palace, the Cotroceni National Museum, and the Carol Davila Medicine and Pharmacy University, all of which are located in Bucharest, the Romanian capital, which is about two hours from Sinaia.

Is Aldovia a real place?

Of course, Aldovia isn’t real, but the trilogy was filmed in a real castle in Sinaia, Romania. Built in the 1860s by Romania’s King Carol I, the fairytale home was built in Neo-Renaissance style, and has 160 rooms, each with its own theme and design.

How old is Princess Emily in A Christmas Prince?

10-13 years old
In The Christmas Prince film series, she is estimated to be 10-13 years old.

What is a prince for Christmas 2015?

A Prince for Christmas (2015) Wanting to escape an arranged marriage, a European prince flees to the United States. There, he meets a struggling young waitress who may just be his one true love.

What is a Royal Christmas about hallmark?

A Royal Christmas (Hallmark, 2014) What it’s about: Emily (Lacey Chabert) and Leo (Stephen Hagan) have been dating for a year when she discovers he’s… you guessed it, secretly a prince! Of a totally real country called Cardinia!

What are the best Hallmark Channel movies of 2015?

2015 – Hallmark Channel Movies 1 A Christmas Detour (2015 TV Movie)#N#TV-G | 85 min | Comedy, Romance#N#6. 2 A Christmas Melody (2015 TV Movie) More

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