How do you earn coins in Newcp?

Coins are earned by playing single or multiplayer Games. Almost every Game provides you with coins after playing, excluding Card-Jitsu and Card-Jitsu Fire. You can also receive coins by digging in the Gold Mine.

Where is the alien Puffle?

The Alien Puffle was a Puffle Creature pet on Club Penguin Online….

Alien Puffle
Cost 800 coins 1200 coins
Location Puffle Party 2019 Operation: Crustacean Puffle Party 2020

What codes can you use on Club Penguin?

DARKWARRIORS – Dark Electric Guitar,Black Face Paint,Black Roman Helmet and also Black Hockey Jersey

  • GRADUATION – Exclusive items and also 3,000 coins
  • GOLDSEMPIRE – Golden Shield,Gold Scuba Tank and Gold Letterman Jacket
  • BOXCRITTERS – 2,500 coins,Pin Box Critters and Australian Hats
  • 7 MILLION – 2,500 coins and also 4 items
  • How do you type in codes on Club Penguin?

    Source. Where did the code come from?

  • Spelling – Always check the spelling of your entry into Treasure Book.
  • Using the New Client vs Old Client – There are often errors that can pop up when entering codes with the Old Client. Try the New Client instead.
  • How to put a code in on Club Penguin?

    Trick or Treat Igloo – Cost 2,000 gold:

  • Green Split Level Igloo – Cost 0 gold: It was a Reward of the Halloween Igloo Contest (2017&2018,October)
  • Snow Backyard Igloo – Cost 3,500 gold:
  • Snow Globe – Cost 3,700 gold:
  • Gingerbread house – Cost 3,500 gold: It was a Reward of the Advent Calendar 2017 and the Holiday Calendar 2019
  • Where do you put in codes on Club Penguin?

    Where do you put in codes on Club Penguin? The codes are printed on plastic coins or on a card. When players logged in to Club Penguin, they could click the icon in the upper right corner of the screen that said “Unlock Items Online”, and there would be a place to enter your code.