How do I find out what model LG TV I have?


  1. Using your TV’s original remote, press the Home button.
  2. Navigate to the top right and select Settings.
  3. Navigate to the bottom and select All settings.
  4. Navigate down to the General section.
  5. Select About this TV followed by TV Information.
  6. The TV Model number should be on this page.

How do I access the LG hotel TV menu?

Open the app and find the INSTART option on the menu. Input the passcode – for LG TVs; the passcode can be 0000, 0413, or 1105 as long as the network administrator did not change it from the default code – to access the INSTALLATION menu. Change to your desired settings and exit the menu from your smartphone.

Does LG have free channels?

LG Channels provides direct access, via an onscreen app icon, to about 175 streaming channels without having to download and install each one. All the channels are free to view but may contain ads. The channels offer news, sports, and entertainment from a variety of sources.

How do I update my LG TV Guide?

Select Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Select the All Settings option at the bottom right corner of the screen. Select the General menu from the left, then scroll down and select About this TV. Check Allow automatic updates, then click the Check for updates button.

How do I open my LG hotel Mode?

When it is set to ‘Yes’, User Menu-> Option -> ‘Factory Reset’ is disabled. Use the button to select the LG Hotel Mode Setup. Use the OK button and then button to select Hotel Mode Operation. *When ‘Hotel Mode Operation’ is set to Yes(Work), all functions of Hotel Mode apply.

How do I get my LG TV out of hospitality mode?

Unlock a LG TV

  1. Turn TV on.
  2. Hold Menu button for 5 seconds (you will see a channel number appear on top left of screen)
  3. Type 1105 and press OK.
  4. Secret Menu opens with “LG Hotel Installation Setup”
  5. Change Input from off to on.
  6. Exit the Menu.
  7. TV is now unlocked for HDMI input and other sources.

Do LG channels cost money?

Stream over 190 FREE IP channels including movies & TV, breaking news, sports, comedy and more integrated right into the television and channel guide.