What is the range on a 7mm Rem Mag?

With 140 grain bullets, driven at velocities of between 3200 and 3300fps, the 7mm RM delivers extreme trauma on light bodied game out to ranges exceeding 400 yards.

What is the largest grain bullet for a 7mm Rem Mag?

195 grains
The heaviest commercially loaded ammo available for the 7mm is 195 grains, while the . 30-06 Springfield can be loaded with bullets up to 220 grains, but for a . 308 caliber to equal the flat trajectory and penetration of a .

How much does a 7mm drop at 100 yards?

7mm Remington Magnum ~ 150 Grain ~ Trajectory Chart

Range (Yards) Velocity (Ft/Sec) Bullet Path (inches)
100 2825.1 1.43
200 2656.9 0.0
300 2494.9 -6.36
400 2338.6 -18.31

Is 7mm Rem Mag big enough for moose?

Again, larger calibers really aren’t going to alter the moose’s opinion, but a little wider bullet and a little more oomph never hurt. The 7mms from 7x57mm Mauser, 7mm-08 Rem. and 280 Rem. through the 7mm magnums are excellent choices with 150 to 175-grain slugs.

How many inches does a 7mm Mag drop at 300 yards?

How far does a 7mm mag drop at 300 yards?

7mm Remington Magnum ~ 150 Grain ~ Trajectory Chart

Range (Yards) Velocity (Ft/Sec) Wind Drift (inches)
100 2825.1 0.54
200 2656.9 2.21
300 2494.9 5.12
400 2338.6 9.38

Is the 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag better for hunting?

When using quality bullets and with good shot placement, both the 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag are excellent for hunting medium to large sized game at virtually all practical hunting ranges.

How much does a 7mm Remington Magnum cost?

7mm Remington Magnum Ammo Description Grains FPS Rounds Price 7mm Rem Mag – Norma Whitetail Ammo PSP 150gr n/a 20 $31.99 7mm Rem Mag – Prvi Partizan Ammo SP 140gr n/a 40 $89.95 7mm Rem Mag – Core-Lokt Ammo Remington S 140gr n/a 40 $95.95

What is the best grain for a 7mm Rem Mag?

For instance, the vast majority of 7mm Rem Mag factory loads shoot bullets in the 139-175 grain range. Of these, 140 grain, 150 grain, 160 grain, and 175 grain loads are by far the most common.

What is the difference between Remington Remington 7mm and 30-06?

Using a shortened.375 H&H Magnum case paired with a.284″ bullet, the 7mm Remington Magnum (often referred to as the 7mm Rem Mag, 7mm RM, or 7mm Mag) offered a significant ballistic improvement over the.30-06. Indeed, the 7mm Mag will shoot the same weight bullet faster than the.30-06.