How do I merge table rows in InDesign?

Merge cells

  1. Using the Type tool , select the cells you want to merge.
  2. Choose Table > Merge Cells.

How do you merge data in InDesign?

Choose Window > Utilities > Data Merge. Choose Select Data Source from the Data Merge panel menu. To change delimited text options, select Show Import Options. InDesign automatically detects the type of delimiter and encoding used in the data source file, so showing the import options usually isn’t necessary.

How do you link tables in InDesign?

Choose formatted or unformatted table depending on your needs and then shift click on the first page to auto flow the table. If you’re going to need to update the information in the table, choose to link text and spreadsheet files in your preferences. Get familiar with table/cell styles as well. Ok I’ve got it!!

How do I merge csv files in InDesign?

Open your InDesign document and the Data Merge panel via Window > Utilities > Data Merge > Select Data Source. In the new window, choose your . csv or . txt file and click Open.

How do I make table lines invisible in InDesign?

one. (Also, George’s answer is correct: select the entire table and set the stroke color to “none.” If this is a style you’re going to be using frequently, be sure to save it as a table ​and ​cell style as well.)

Can I merge tables in InDesign?

Combine tables Use the Paste command to merge two or more tables into a single table. In the target table, insert at least as many blank rows as you’ll be pasting from the other tables.

Can you join tables in InDesign?

Unfortunately, there is no Join Tables command in InDesign, but it’s not too hard to do manually. There are two key steps: First, prep the “receiving table” with enough empty rows and columns to hold the contents of the table data you’ll be adding to it.

How do I merge alternate layouts in InDesign?

Seems you really want to merge the layouts, not simply delete them.

  1. Highlight all the pages in the Pages panel for an alternate layout.
  2. Click-drag the pages to the layout you want them in.
  3. Repeat as needed.

What does red dot in InDesign table mean?

overset text
A red dot in a table cell in InDesign means there’s overset text in that cell. Make the cell wider and the text should reappear.