How do I contact pureit?

You can call the helpline number 1860 210 1000 or reach out through other convenient mediums.

Who owns pureit?

Hindustan Unilever (HUL)
Hindustan Unilever (HUL), which owns the brand Pureit, has won a pre-grant opposition against Tata Chemicals, which sells water purifiers under the brand Tata Swach.

Is pureit a good company?

Buy Pureit and you suffer One of the worst brands. It’s been more than a month and still they don’t have parts for replacement. Why are you selling third grade products when you can’t provide service and replacement. Worst quality, every three months need to replace their kits even if you don’t use.

What is pureit?

Pureit brings to you a practical water purifier with a large storage capacity to make sure you and your family always drink pure water, without any hassle.

What is pureit battery?

Pureit purification system is a compact drinking water treatment product suitable for household use. It is developed by the Hindustan Unilever. The core of this system is its unique Germkill Battery Kit which consists of the Compact carbon trap, Germkill processor, and Polisher (shown in the figure).

What is Germkill processor?

First the Activated carbon which removes the harmful pesticides, parasites. The Activated carbon filter fits in the top compartment. In the second phase Germkill processor removes the invisible virus and bacteria. Apart from the Germkill processor cartridge works as indicator like when to replace the whole kit.

Is Kissan an Indian company?

in the year 1950. In 1993, Kissan was acquired by Brooke Bond India and is now an integral part of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). Kissan’s story of pioneering innovation began with the launch of new formats of food, such as canned fruits and vegetables, baked beans, and the like.

Which is better Kent or pureit?

Kent is a good choice if you have a small family. If you are looking for a low-cost product, Pureit water purifier is a good option. Also, its large water storage capacity makes it an excellent choice for offices, schools, and other institutions. However, if you have hard water, this is not a good option.