What is a point in space approach?

The Point-in-space approach is based on GNSS and is an approach procedure designed for helicopter only. It is aligned with a reference point located to permit subsequent flight manoeuvring or approach and landing using visual manoeuvring in adequate visual conditions to see and avoid obstacles.

What is a VDP aviation?

VDP. The Visual Descent Point (VDP) is a defined point on a straight-in, non-precision approach from which you can descend below the MDA, as long as you have the required visual reference. If a VDP is available, it will be indicated by a “v” on the profile view portion of the instrument approach procedure chart.

When can ATC issue Stars?

Pilots of IFR aircraft destined to locations for which STARs have been published may be issued a clearance containing a STAR whenever ATC deems it appropriate. Use of STARs requires pilot possession of at least the approved chart.

What is an airborne radar approach?

When an instrument pilot talks about a “radar approach” he usually means one that’s guided by a ground controller using ASR or PAR equipment. But believe it or not, military aircrews have been known to make instrument approaches using their aircraft radar to find the runway.

What is DH and MDA?


What is FAF in aviation?

The aircraft approaches the final approach fix (FAF) at the cleared height, then descends until reaching the minimum descent height (MDH). This height is then maintained until either the runway is in sight or the missed approach point is reached.

How do I get ATC clearance?

  1. An ATC clearance must be obtained prior to operating within a Class B, Class C, Class D, or Class E surface area when the weather is less than that required for VFR flight.
  2. When a control tower is located within the Class B, Class C, or Class D surface area, requests for clearances should be to the tower.

What is timed approach?

Each pilot in the approach sequence is given advance notice of the time they should leave the holding point on approach to the airport. When a time to leave the holding point is received, the pilot should adjust the flightpath in order to leave the fix as closely as possible to the designated time.

What is MDA Airbus?

MDA : minimum descent altitude. Minimums are charted on approach charts using regulations. During the final approach end decent, when the aircraft reaches the DH or the MDA the captain decides wether to land or go around. In the Airbus, you set a reminder of the DH or MDA on the PFD using this page in the MCDU.