What are the main types and features of volcanoes?

Strictly speaking there are two broad types of volcano, a stratovolcano and a shield volcano, although there are lots of different volcanic features that can form from erupted magma (such as cinder cones or lava domes) as well processes that shape volcanoes.

What are the 5 features of volcano?

The main parts of a volcano include the magma chamber, conduits, vents, craters and slopes.

What are the features of a volcano define each feature?

Landform-scale, volcanic geomorphologic features include lava flows and related features (diverse types of scarps, levees, and lava flow surface features); lahars, calderas, the diverse types of cones and related rims, necks, domes, tubes, trenches, fissures and scarps.

What are the features formed by volcanic eruption?

Answer: Volcanic eruptions pull materials up from deep within the earth to form various volcanic landforms, such as lava domes, lava plateaus, fissure eruptions, craters and calderas.

What are the three types of volcanic features?

There are three types of volcanoes: cinder cones (also called spatter cones), composite volcanoes (also called stratovolcanoes), and shield volcanoes.

What are the 4 different types of volcanoes?

Geologists generally group volcanoes into four main kinds–cinder cones, composite volcanoes, shield volcanoes, and lava domes.

What are the structural features of volcanoes?

What are the 4 main types of volcanoes?

What are names of six types of volcanoes?

– Icelandic – Hawaiian – Strombolian – Vulcanian – Pelean – Plinian

What are the forms of volcanoes?

Villarrica is one of only a few volcanoes globally with an active (but intermittent) lava lake within its crater with its basaltic-andesitic lava. The volcano typically produces strombolian eruptions, including incandescent pyroclasts and lava flows.

What type of volcanoes are typically the smallest?

Cinder Cones. Cinder cones are circular or oval cones made up of small fragments of lava from a single vent that have been blown up.

  • Composite Volcano. Composite volcanoes are steep-sided volcanoes composed of many layers of volcanic rocks,usually made from high-viscosity lava,ash and rock debris.
  • Shield Volcano.
  • Lava Domes.
  • What are the different kinds of volcanoes according to shape?

    – Cinder cones. Cinder cones are the simplest type of volcano. – Composite volcanoes. – Shield volcanoes. – Lava domes.