How do you farm ghost iron ore?

Ghost Iron Ore Farming

  1. Valley of the Four Winds. Valley of the Four Winds is the best place to farm Ghost Iron Ore, but sometimes it can get a bit busy because of the Tiller daily quests.
  2. Jade Forest. Jade Forest is also a great place to farm.
  3. Townlong Steppes.

What is folded ghost iron used for?

They folded it to limit the formation of air bubbles in their molten metal, which would sometimes cause the swords to break under heavy blows (clashing swords together, etc.).

How many ghost iron ore is in a bar?

You need 2 Ores per Bar and lose 8.3 – 12.5% material in the process. Compared to the current price of Ore on my server, the Bar price should be between 46.57 – 48.38 Gold. It is at 39.94 Gold.

How do you get black Trillium ore?

This ore can be obtained directly via two methods:

  1. These can be mined from two, rare-node-spawns: Trillium Vein or Rich Trillium Vein.
  2. If you are Revered with The Tillers, plant Snakeroot Seed for random chances at obtaining either type of Trillium Ore per plant.

How do I get spirit of harmony?

Motes of Harmony can be found as a random drop or can be obtained once Revered with the Tillers by planting a Songbell Seed, which when ripe rewards a mote. Spirit of Harmony can be used by Alchemist to purchase extra transmute and Jewelcrafter to purchase extra daily discoveries.

Can you prospect elementium ore?

This means that for obsidium ore to be preferentially prospected, average selling price of a rare gem should be roughly <2.4x the average selling price of the uncommon gem (R:U ratio <2.4). If this inequality does not hold on your server’s economy (R:U >2.4), then elementium should be preferentially prospected.

How do you make Jade infused blade?

This blade can be obtained by clicking on a particular jade statue in the garden of The Jade Witch. The statue sort of acts as a ‘container’, in that you are taking the blade off of it. It sparkles like all the other containers or hidden “Lost and Found” items in Pandaria.