Can you join Delta Sigma Theta as a graduate student?

No. For membership in the Sorority on the collegiate level, one must be matriculating at an accredited college or university, pursuing work leading to an initial baccalaureate degree; or have already received a baccalaureate degree or higher, if pursuing membership on the alumnae level.

How do I pledge Delta after graduation?

To become a member, you’ll need to be in good academic standing, attend an informational meeting, and fill out the application. Once the chapter receives all your application materials, they’ll vote on whether or not to accept you. You’ll need to get a majority of votes in order to become a member of DST.

Can you pledge a sorority in grad school?

Yes. Review the Sorority’s criteria for membership as outlined in the Undergraduate Membership section above. You can be presented for General Membership in the Sorority by the graduate chapter in your college community or by the graduate chapter in your home community.

How much does it cost to join Delta Sigma Theta?

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Why do you want to become a member of Delta Sigma Theta?

The benefits of joining the delta sigma theta torch include: Sisterhood – This is a bond between ladies that last forever. Career opportunities – For you to be a member you must pursue a Bachelor’s degree.

How much does it cost to pledge Delta Sigma Theta?

How much does it cost to pledge Delta Sigma Theta? Once you’re a member, you’ll be expected to pay around $400 or $500 in national initiation fees and around $250 in chapter initiation fees. Can online students pledge?

What is the GPA requirement for Delta Sigma Theta?

– Zeta Tau Alpha. – Kappa Kappa Gamma. – Delta Delta Delta. – Gamma Phi Beta. – Alpha Phi. – Sigma Sigma Sigma. – Delta Gamma. – Delta Zeta.