Where can I watch White Album?

White Album – Watch on Crunchyroll.

Where can I watch White Album 2?

White Album 2 – Watch on Crunchyroll.

Do I need to watch White Album before White Album 2?

White Album 2 takes place in the same universe 10 years after the events of White Album. That said there are no cross over characters nor events so there is no need to finish White Album to prepare for White Album 2.

How does White Album end?

Touya pays Haruka a visit, figuring Haruka had the medal, which she did. After they have a talk, Touya goes to see Rina (I think) and finds “goodbye” written in lipstick on the mirror as well as the repaired letter and concert ticket from Yuki that Yayoi had destroyed.

Where can I watch White Album for free?

Currently you are able to watch “White Album” streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV for free with ads.

Does White Album have a dub?

Snow White with the Red Hair 2 (Dub) Shirayuki and Zen Wistalia have finally confirmed their romantic feelings for each other, and everyone has resumed their daily lives. Shirayuki remains an apprentice court herbalist at the royal palace of Clarines, and Zen continues his duties alongside his aides.

How many episodes does White Album 2 have?

White Album 2

ホワイトアルバム2 (Howaito Arubamu 2)
Episodes 13
White Album 2 – Mini-After Story
Developer Leaf

Is White Album 2 Translated?

White Album 2 Translation is now available for download : r/visualnovels.

Is White Album 1 and 2 connected?

There is little direct relation between White Album 1 and 2. They are in the same series and have some similar themes, but the plots are unrelated and all the characters are new (as well as a different writer).

Is White Album a harem?

White Album is a love polygon romance genre, and a harem at that. He refers to each women he encounters as a “goddess”.

Did Haruki and Kazusa end up together?

Kazusa True Ending This is the chapter where Haruki Kitahara finally abolishes his indecisive behavior. He cancels his marriage proposal to Setsuna Ogiso and he marries Kazusa in the end.

Will there be White Album 2 Season 2?

The first part of the series, named White Album 2: Introductory Chapter, was released on March 26, 2010. The second part in the series is named White Album 2: Closing Chapter and was released on December 22, 2011….White Album 2.

ホワイトアルバム2 (Howaito Arubamu 2)
Episodes 13
White Album 2 – Mini-After Story
Developer Leaf