What is the SSI indicator?

The SSI is a unique indicator provided by FXCM that gives traders an inside window into how the market is feeling and behaving in relation to a particular currency pair. The index is considered a contrarian indicator that is most valuable when judging how to trade against the rest of the market.

What does SSI mean trading?

Speculative Sentiment Index
SSI (Speculative Sentiment Index) is a proprietary tool offered to FXCM clients that can be worked in to virtually any trading strategy. Essentially SSI is a ratio that gives us a picture of trader positioning. SSI reveals trader positioning by determining if they are net long or short, and if so by how much.

What are sentiment indicators?

What Is a Sentiment Indicator? A sentiment indicator is designed to represent how a group feels about the market or economy. These market psychology-based indicators attempt to quantify sentiment, in the form of figures or graphically, to predict how current beliefs and positions may affect future market behavior.

What is speculative sentiment?

The Speculative Sentiment Indicator (SSI) is a powerful contrarian indicator that can help you locate trading opportunities by gauging trader positioning and sentiment in the forex market. If the majority of traders are long, a contrarian indicator bias is short and will favour a position that is opposite to the crowd.

What does sentiment mean in stocks?

Market sentiment refers to the overall consensus about a stock or the stock market as a whole. Market sentiment is bullish when prices are rising. Market sentiment is bearish when prices are falling.

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What is a contrarian indicator?

A contrarian investor enters the market when others are feeling negative about it. The contrarian believes the value of the market or stock is below its intrinsic value and thus represents an opportunity.

Which of the following is a breadth indicator?

Some other popular breadth indicators, aside from the Advance/Decline Line, include: On Balance Volume which focuses on adding or subtracting volume based on whether a stock or index closed above or below the prior closing price. McClellan Summation Index.

Does sentiment analysis trading work?

Sentiment analysis is also one of the more successful methods of including the effects of market psychology in a trading strategy. Empirical evidence suggests that investor sentiment is one of the most reliable indicators of future price movements.

The Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI) is a proprietary contrarian indicator designed to help you trade trending markets. The index ratio tells you whether the number of positions held by traders are net long or short a particular currency pair, and to what degree.

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