How do you type special symbols in Mathematica?

There are several ways to enter the special characters that are not present on a standard keyboard.

  1. Using a Full Character Name… Type \[ and the start of a character name.
  2. Using a Full Character Name… Type \[ and the start of a character name.
  3. Using the Keyboard…

How do you type subscripts in Wolfram Alpha?

Type a subscript with (Insert ▶ Typesetting ▶ Subscript). Exit from typing math with : Exit from a subscript but continue typing math with (Insert ▶ Typesetting ▶ End Subexpression): Typing a subscript in text automatically enters math mode.

How do you write alpha in Mathematica?

A Greek letter in the Wolfram Language can also be entered by using its HTML name as an alias. So if you happen to know that α is the HTML command for alpha, you can type α to enter it in the Wolfram Language. Here, the HTML alias for alpha is entered without the second key being pressed: Copy to clipboard.

What is Wolfram Alpha based on?

WolframAlpha was released on May 18, 2009, and is based on Wolfram’s earlier product Wolfram Mathematica, a computational platform for calculation, visualization, and statistics capabilities.

How do you write lambda in Wolfram Mathematica?


  1. Unicode: 03BB.
  2. Aliases: l , lambda .
  3. Greek letter.
  4. Used in TraditionalForm for ModularLambda.

How do you write Theta in Wolfram Alpha?

Lowercase Greek Letters

  1. α — alpha ( a ) θ — theta ( th )
  2. τ — tau ( t ) ω — omega ( w )
  3. Δ — capital delta ( D ) Ψ — capital psi ( Ps )
  4. ε — curly epsilon ( ce ) φ — curly phi ( cph )

What is the Wolfram Alpha solution?

Wolfram|Alpha is a great tool for finding polynomial roots and solving systems of equations. It also factors polynomials, plots polynomial solution sets and inequalities and more. Learn more about: Equation solving »

How do you reference Wolfram Alpha?

How To Cite Wolfram Alpha Data

  1. Author/Site: Wolfram|Alpha.
  2. Publisher: Wolfram Alpha LLC.
  3. URL: (The exact URL for your query string)
  4. Retrieval date: (The date that you performed your query)

How do I use Wolfram Alpha API?

Start using the Full Results API in minutes by following these basic steps.

  1. Signup and Login. To get started, you must register a Wolfram ID and sign in at the Wolfram|Alpha Developer Portal.
  2. Obtaining an AppID.
  3. Sample Query.
  4. Formatting Input.
  5. Adding Parameters.
  6. Parameter Reference.
  7. List of XML Result Elements.