Are YesStyle shoes reliable?

The products are exactly as advertised, they don’t present any factory issues, and now, after months and months of wearing, are almost as good as new! The shoes do present some difference from when they were new, but they are shoes! They always get some damage.

Is Yestyle com legit?

Yes, is a legitimate website that sells Korean cosmetics and Asian Fashion. They also have an affiliate program and work with influencers – . You can use that affiliate program to get bonuses like points, followers, commissions, and gifts.

Is YesStyle a Chinese company?

Description: Promising “thousands of fashion and lifestyle items from brands across Asia,” YesStyle is based in Hong Kong and actually has a decent social media following.

Is YesStyle unethical?

YesStyle does not have any code of conduct for the brands it works with and their suppliers. It means that there is no evidence that these brands ensure fair wages and decent working conditions for their workers.

Is it ethical to buy from YesStyle?

Is YesStyle considered an ethical brand?

is yesstyle ethical? It says online that it is, but that’s hard to believe with it’s super low prices. That’s seems almost impossible. It’s definitely not environmentally friendly, and I can’t imagine the factories that make its cheapo fast-fashion are that friendly to employees, either.

Is YesStyle trustworthy?

YesStyle is a safe, legit, and trustworthy website to purchase from, as long as you understand that you’re buying cheap Asian clothing, and you read reviews on every product you intend to buy to ensure it is a quality item.

Can YesStyle be trusted?

However, YesStyle does not provide size exchanges on items such as swimwear and innerwear, jewellery, accessories and beauty products. If the item returned is out of stock, a refund will be made in the form of store credit. Etsy is offering Up to 50% off clothing, shoes, accessories and more.

Is YesStyle clothing good?

Yesstyle is a great shop with an incredible number of products at fair prices. In case of a problem, I was helped very quickly and directly by the customer service. Thank you very much for that. They have fabulous clothing on there website and the prices are really good. I’m still waiting for my dress to come, but the quality is looks really good.