Where is Chesapeake headquarters?

Oklahoma City, OKChesapeake Energy / Headquarters

Where is Chesapeake Energy located?

Oklahoma City
Chesapeake Energy Corporation is an American energy company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration. It is headquartered in Oklahoma City. The company is named after the founder’s love for the Chesapeake Bay region….Chesapeake Energy.

Type Public company
Headquarters Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.

What happened Chesapeake Energy?

Chesapeake Energy emerges from bankruptcy and shifts back to natural gas. HOUSTON (Reuters) – U.S. shale producer Chesapeake Energy Corp on Tuesday exited Chapter 11 bankruptcy with business plan that nods to its founders’ emphasis on natural gas after a recent push into crude oil.

Is Chesapeake still a company?

Chesapeake was once the second-largest U.S. gas producer. It fell into bankruptcy after years of overspending on acquisitions that left it cash-strapped and unable to tap vast resources.

What was Aubrey McClendon net worth?

McClendon owned 20% of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, an asset creditors believe to be his most valuable, worth about $200 million.

Does China own oil fields in the US?

A Chinese investment firm is shelling out $1.3 billion to buy giant oil fields in Texas, reflecting growing interest from China in U.S. energy resources. Yantai Xinchao will acquire oil assets in the western Texas Permian Basin that are currently owned by Tall City Exploration and Plymouth Petroleum.

Who owns Texas oil?


Formerly The Texas Company (1902–1959) Texaco (1959–2001) ChevronTexaco (2001–2005)
Brands Havoline (1931–2001)
Owner Chevron Corporation (2001–pres.)
Subsidiaries Indian Oil Co. (1931–1943)
Website texaco.com