What is the difference between SIM800L and SIM900?

The SIM800L and SIM900A are both very similar GSM modules, but the major difference is that the SIM800L model supports Bluetooth, and the AT commands for Bluetooth/FM are added.

Which is best GSM module?

SIM900 is the most popular GSM/GPRS module model out there. This module comes in 3 variants namely – SIM900, SIM900A and SIM900D. Out of these 3 model variants, SIM900 – is the only Quad Band (supporting all 4 frequency bands – 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz)) GSM module model.

What is SIM800L?

SIM800L is a miniature cellular module which allows for GPRS transmission, sending and receiving SMS and making and receiving voice calls. Low cost and small footprint and quad band frequency support make this module perfect solution for any project that require long range connectivity.

What is the difference between a sim800 and a sim900?

SIM800 and SIM900 are both quadband: 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz. SIM900 is older type (now obsolete), predecessor SIM800. SIM800C has bluetooth on it, SIM800L has FM on it. SIM800F is pin compatible to SIM900 module.

What is the sim800l module?

The SIM800L is a GSM/GPRS module built by SIMCom. The communication with the SIM800L module relies on AT commands. The available AT commands are described in the SIM800 series AT Command Manual. Supported features in this library:

What is the latest firmware update for the sim800l?

The SIM800L latest firmware update was in January 2016. It means that using the IP stack embedded on the SIM800L is convenient but not secure. The embedded IP stack should not be used for the transfer of critical data. The embedded IP stack of the SIM800L only supports SSL2, SSL3 and TLS 1.0.

Can the sim800/sim800c operate worldwide?

SIM800, SIM800C,SIM800L, SIM900 can be operated worldwide because they can operate in all four GSM bands used across the world. “What is the price difference?”