What is the current version of IBM MQ?

IBM® MQ 9.1. 0 is the follow-on release to IBM MQ 9.0 Long Term Support (LTS) release. It is also the next release for Continuous Delivery (CD) users, following on from IBM MQ 9.0.

What is MQ in IBM MQ?

An IBM MQ messaging system is made up of one or more queue managers. Queue managers are where messaging resources, such as queues, are configured and what applications connect to, either running on the same system as the queue manager or over the network.

What is MQSeries mainframe?

MQSeries, by IBM, is a messaging system that allows heterogeneous computer systems and software to exchange data. The information is exchanged through messaging queues managed by the Queue Manager responsible for receiving messages and making them available on the network for other systems to use.

Why choose Kafka over MQ?

Kafka was designed to deliver these distinct advantages over AMQP, JMS, etc. Kafka is highly scalable. Kafka is a distributed system, which is able to be scaled quickly and easily without incurring any downtime. Apache Kafka is able to handle many terabytes of data without incurring much at all in the way of overhead.

Where can I download the IBM MQ product documentation?

Note: You can also download the IBM MQ product documentation in HTML format into an offline version of IBM Knowledge Center that you install locally. For more information, see IBM MQ customer-installable Knowledge Center. Table 1. PDF files for the product documentation and how they correspond to the sections in IBM Documentation

What is IBM MQ V9 on an appliance?

The IBM® MQ Appliance provides IBM MQ V9 on an appliance. You can create one or more queue managers on an appliance and connect them as part of an IBM MQ network. Note: IBM MQ V9 is available on M2001 and M2000 appliances, it is not available on M2002 appliances. The IBM MQ Appliance is designed to be easy to deploy.

How do I update the firmware on my IBM MQ Appliance?

The IBM MQ Appliance can be easily updated by downloading and installing a new firmware version. You can install certificates onto the appliance, and connect to your IBM MQ V9 network by using TLS. You run applications on clients that connect to the appliance.

What is IBM message queueing?

IBM has expertly refined MQ over more than 25 years in the market. With MQ, if a message can’t be delivered immediately, it’s secured in a queue where it waits until delivery is assured. Where competitors may deliver messages twice or not at all, MQ moves data, including file data, once — and once only.