Where is the pass surf spot?

Byron Bay
The Pass is a right hand point break located half way between Byron Main Beach and the Cape Headland, bang in the middle of Byron Bay. This wave really is a regional classic, and the crowds are testament to that.

Is there surf in Byron Bay?

From dawn until dusk throughout the year, the water along this coastline is populated with surfers. Surfing is undoubtedly one of the quintessential Byron Bay activities. Every local surfer has their favourite spot and each beach is perfect for at least one type of surfer, board and experience level.

How do you get to the Byron Bay Pass?

To get there:

  1. Drive through the centre of Byron Bay and head towards the lighthouse.
  2. Turn left into Brooke Drive where the boardwalk ends.
  3. The cafe is located at the bottom of the hill on the left, adjacent to the picnic area.

Is it safe to surf in Byron Bay?

Now Byron Bay is still, a very safe place to bring the littlies. It’s still a great place to learn to surf, and it can still turn on some world class waves for both longboarders and shortboarders alike.

What is the surf like in Byron Bay?

The best time of year for surfing Byron Bay – The Wreck with consistent clean waves (rideable swell with light / offshore winds) is during Winter and most often the month of June. Clean surfable waves are typically found 5% of the time in June while 1% of the time it tends to be blown out.

Do you need a wetsuit in Byron Bay?

Whether you’ll need a wetsuit for surfing in Byron Bay obviously depends on the time of year you’re heading that way. For most of the year though you’ll be stoked to find that bikini/board shorts is the dress code!

How big are the Byron Bay Waves?

Current Surf Report for Byron Bay Current Conditions

Low 3:47AM 1.21ft
High 9:39AM 4.46ft
Low 3:42PM 1.02ft
High 10:09PM 5.12ft

When is the best time to surf in Byron Bay?

The Australian wintertime is the best time to surf in Byron Bay, and when you’ll find the most consistent waves. This runs from June until August, although for less experienced surfers, you’ll find good waves for surfing Byron Bay all year round.

Where’s the best South Coast beach in Byron Bay?

To cash in on smaller souths, you’ve gotta head south of the Cape to Tallow Beach, a lovely long clean sand stretch of occasionally superb quality beachbreaks. Protected from the northeast sea breeze, Tallows is the haunt of mobile surf schools, surfing families, and most of Byron’s hot young crop.

Where is Byron’s pass?

From there the whole thing opens up into The Pass, Byron’s serious point. A long, winding right, it’s dependent on sand distribution but usually starts close to a rock outcrop and peels down toward Clark’s Beach over a half mile away. Often the wave gets hollower as it runs down the line.

What is Byron Bay famous for?

Byron Bay has long been one of the most important locations in Australia when it comes to the country’s long and storied surfing culture. The weather and the coastline in this part of the country make it just right for surfing. It’s even the place where the shortboard revolution of the 1960s took place.