What is the structure of Checking Out Me History?

Written in free verse. It is a dramatic monologue which sounds like a speech about non-European history: the poet teaches the reader his ‘history’. The poem alternates between two structures which are marked by two different fonts.

How is power presented in Checking Out Me History?

ENGLISH GCSE 9-1 POWER & CONFLICT POETRY – Checking Out Me History. Agard is referring to the Europeans that are trying to teach him their history. The subject, verb, object form in the sentence show how the Europeans have the power. Refers to a violent way of removing eyesight, taking away who he is and his past.

What poem can you compare Checking Out Me History to?

For this activity, you will need to turn to the poem ‘Checking Out Me History’ by John Agard and ‘London’ by William Blake. Both poems can be found in the Power and Conflict section of your anthology.

What are the key themes in Checking Out Me History?

Agard’s work often touches upon themes of colonialism, identity, and Caribbean culture. Similar themes can be found throughout Caribbean poetry, which is often deeply tied to the history of the region—a history marked by brutal colonialism and enslavement.

What is the rhyme scheme in Checking Out Me History?

Rhyme The ​rhyme scheme​ties together the sections concerning white and black history, showing how Agard is attempting to end segregation through literary unification. Throughout a stanza, the rhyming is the same: ​“balloon”​, ​“moon”​, ​“spoon”​ and ​“maroon”.

Why did the poet write Checking Out Me History?

The poem suggests the colonial syllabus deliberately blinded colonized people to their own histories, and argues that only by re-learning their history can these people can fully understand and embrace their identities. Get the entire guide to “Checking Out Me History” as a printable PDF.

How is anger presented in London and Checking Out Me History?

Both London and Checking Out Me History are poems that express the poets anger towards the misuse of power by those with authority, but the main difference is that while Agard shows a solution, Blake does not, showing how they have different viewpoints on if it is possible to change.

How is Ozymandias and My Last Duchess similar?

The poems are similar in their use of layers of narration; in both Ozymandias and My Last Duchess, the legacy of the subject is told through the voice of another person. This diminishes and mocks the power of the subject, as a reader would understand that the ability to communicate is the most vital form of power.

What inspired John Agard to write Checking Out Me History?

The poem was inspired by reading a school textbook which claimed that West Indian history began with Columbus. It was published in the collection “Half caste and other poems” which was focused on both culture and racial identity. Agard published the collection after living in Britain for approximately 30 years.

Why does Agard write Dem instead of them?

John Agard very often wrote his poems in his own dialect/accent. Why? Repetition of ‘dem’ referring to the teachers that taught him history. The use of his own dialect reflects his pride.

What do the final lines of ‘checking out Me history’ mean?

The final lines of ‘Checking Out Me History’ reflects the first verse in nature, adding on two very important lines, wherein the narrator declares that they are unwilling to accept one side of the story of history, and are searching for themselves the truth behind what they are told in a classroom.

What is an annotated timeline?

An annotated timeline displays a list of dates along with a sentence or brief summary detailing the significance of each date. These timelines illustrate the big picture of an era and help readers understand the major events that happened during that time.

When was checking out Me history written?

‘Checking Out Me History’ was published in 2007. It is in the form of a dramatic monologue that employs Creole to represent the voice of a black man who is angered and frustrated by a Eurocentric history syllabus. The speaker refers to figures and events from both white and black history.

What is the theme of the poem checking out Me history?

“Checking Out Me History” Themes Colonialism, History, and Identity The speaker of “Checking Out Me History,” implied to be a person living under British colonial rule, tells readers what students learned under the British education system and what they didn’t—mainly, anything about African and indigenous history.