What is the difference between a wheelchair and a transport chair?

Transport chairs have 8”-12” rear wheels that cannot be reached while sitting in the chair. Wheelchairs, however, are built with larger 18”-24” wheels topped with an easy-to-grip, rotating handrail that allow users to propel themselves forward.

What size is a pediatric wheelchair?

about 10 inches to about 16 inches
Q: What size is a pediatric wheelchair? A: Seat widths for pediatric wheelchairs range from about 10 inches to about 16 inches depending on the model. Seat depths for heavy duty wheelchairs range from about 8 inches to about 16 inches. Back heights range between 8 inches and 20 inches.

What is a transport chair for?

Transport chairs are used to move people around who cannot propel themselves using a standard wheelchair. A second person is required for mobility. For those who find a regular Wheelchair too big or heavy to move around, transport wheelchairs are a great alternative.

How much does a transfer chair cost?

Price ranges between $3,000 and $8,000. A Certified Mobility Consultant can explain the different options and price ranges.

Do transport chairs fold up?

5. Are Transport Wheelchairs foldable? Yes, all transport wheelchairs fold to a size of 2.5 feet by 9 inches wide – compact enough to fit into any car!

What should I look for in a transport chair?

Things to consider before purchasing a transport chair include size, weight capacity, weight, wheel size, frequency of use, how often you travel, ability to fold, materials, and legrests.

What are pediatric wheelchairs?

There are different types of pediatric wheelchairs which includes small child wheelchairs, growing chairs for children and juniors, lightweight or sporting wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, specialty chairs, powered kids wheelchairs, and strollers. Pediatric wheelchairs are typically customizable in size and colors.

What is a reclining wheelchair?

1. Reclining Wheelchair. The reclining wheelchair will transform the user from a sitting position to a close to lying down position. The change of position reduces pressure on the buttocks and allows the user to take a break from sitting in the same position.

Is a transport chair considered a wheelchair?

A transport wheelchair is a wheelchair that is pushed by a companion, it has smaller wheels than a standard wheelchair and it is lighter in total weight. Making it super easy for traveling and lifting into a car.

Can a transport chair be used as a walker?

Rollator transport chairs and regular rollators can both be used as a walker and as a chair to sit on to rest, but rollator transport chairs have an added benefit. Rollator transport chairs, unlike regular rollators, can be pushed by a caregiver whenever the need arises.

What sizes do transport chairs come in?

Transport chairs come in 3 Sizes:

  • Narrow – a 17” wide seat – for users under 120 lbs.
  • Medium – a 19” wide seat – for users between 120 and 300 lbs.
  • Wide – a 22” wide seat or wider – for users over 300 lbs.

Who makes the lightest transport chair?

Medline Ultralight Transport Chair

  • Only 14.8 lbs. It’s the lightest transport chair!
  • FREE cup holder!

What is a pediatric wheelchair?

What is a Pediatric Wheelchair? Just like regular wheelchairs, pediatric wheelchairs are available in a vast range of styles, sizes and configurations to more perfectly suit the needs of every unique child. They are constructed with smaller frames, with seats that are typically around 14 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

What is a transport wheelchair and how does it work?

Transport wheelchairs are the perfect choice for transporting someone to and from the places you would love to travel with. A transport wheelchair is generally narrower and lighter than a standard wheelchair, making it a good choice for tight obstacles and narrow entryways.

What are the advantages of a manual transport chair?

Manual transport chairs are portable and lightweight, making them highly convenient for utilization at doctor visits, school, child activity centers and any other indoor or outdoor places your child likes to roam. Specifically designed for active users, this durable design is well suited for children and families who tend to be on the go.

Why choose Karman pediatric wheelchairs?

Many of Karman pediatric wheelchairs are manufactured with T6 Aluminum materials providing the best frame for your child’s safety and transportability. Our kid wheelchairs provide assisted technology to all kinds disorders from Autism to Cerebral Palsy.