What is the best bait to trap pigeons?

Whole corn
For bait, foods like grains, seeds, fruits, and water will work just fine. Whole corn is one of the best baiting options because smaller, non-target birds do not eat the larger kernels.

How do you trap nuisance pigeons?

To trap pigeons, start by placing bait, such as cracked corn, in a particular area for a few days to get the pigeons used to eating there. Then, introduce the trap into the feeding area, but don’t set it for a day or 2 so the pigeons have time to get used to it.

What is the easiest way to catch a pigeon?

Keep your eye on the pigeon you want to catch. Slowly advance until your open hand is hovering, palm down, immediately above the pigeon, then, in one swift motion, drop your hand down, pinning the bird to the ground.

How do you attract pigeons?

The easiest way to attract pigeons is by providing food and shelter. You will soon find that you have plenty of pigeons to observe. Spread seeds or bread crumbs on the ground. Pigeons typically eat fruit and seeds, but will enjoy bread or pastries.

Do pigeon traps work?

The bird netting, spike strips, screening, etc. will keep pigeons out of the areas that attracted them to the structure in the first place (such as under solar panels or roof-mounted air conditioning units) and will therefore prevent a new problem from developing in the future.

What is the best pigeon trapping system for ETS?

:: Pigeon sputniks trap – the ideal pigeon trapping systems for ETS designed! T he new improved version of the Alucurier 2019 Sputnik trap is well protected against rain and against the entrance for small birds, rodents and predators.

What is a pigeon Sputnik trap?

Pigeon sputnik traps makes trapping of birds faster and less stressfull.

Which traps are available in ETS?

Traps are available in 2 hole, 4 hole and 4 hole plus to suit the Unikon ETS system and also available in 3 hole to suit Bricon, Taurus, Mega and Benzing. The ETS pad simply fits neatly on a special shelf underneath the trapping entrance.

What is the best pigeon trap for a loft?

The Sputnik trap has an easy montage to the pigeon loft. A s you can see in the picture below, the Sputnik trap “Alucurier” has a sliding landing board ideal for young birds who are starting to go out onto the roof.