What is a gear puller?

A gear puller is used to remove a gear from a shaft. A gear puller is a tool that is specially designed to pull gears from shafts. There are many different styles of gear puller designs, all intended to fulfill a particular purpose.

What is a 3 jaw gear puller?

Professional gear puller to remove gears, pulleys and collars from shafts effortlessly and safely. Three-point grip applies a parallel pull. Jaws and arms are forged and machined from quality alloy steel, precision heat treated for maximum durability and strength.

How do you size a gear puller?

One rule of thumb in choosing a puller is the center bolt diameter must be at least ½ the diameter of the shaft from which the object is being removed. It is impossible to predict the exact force needed for every pulling situation. The amount of press fit and force of removal can vary greatly between jobs.

Is puller a hand tool?

Hand Tools – Cutting Tools for Bolts, Cables, and Strapping. Hand Tools – Gear Pullers. Hand Tools – General Hand Tool Operation. Hand Tools – Hammers.

What does the puller do?

A puller is a tool used to remove parts such as bearings, pulleys or gears from a shaft. They have legs, typically two or three which circle around the back or inside of a part and they also have a forcing screw which centres up against the end of a shaft.

What are the parts of a puller?

Each puller has a cage around the jaws that keeps them in place for a quick job of gripping bearings and pulleys. Grip bearings, gears, and wheels from the outside edge to pull them off a shaft.

How do you use a hydraulic puller set?

Move the immovable— this puller set includes a hydraulic hand pump so you can create up to 17 1/2 tons of pulling force. Use the separators in these sets to separate bearings, collars, hubs, and other shaft-mounted items so you can remove them. Separate bearings, collars, hubs, and other shaft-mounted items so you can remove them.

What is a pilot bearing puller used for?

Also known as pilot bearing pullers, use these pullers to grip the interior edge of press-fit bearings, oil seals, and bushings. Make your old puller work like new by replacing worn forcing screws. Use a shaft protector on the tip of your forcing screw to prevent damage from pressure applied by the puller and forcing screw.

What are steering wheel pullers used for?

Also known as steering wheel and flywheel pullers, you can change the bolt configuration on these pullers to fit a variety of tapered hole patterns. Install and remove bearings, pulleys, sprockets, and other press-fit parts with tapered holes.