What does Huck decide to do in Chapter 31?

Huck decides to write to Tom Sawyer to tell Miss Watson where Jim is. But Huck soon realizes that Miss Watson would sell Jim anyway. Furthermore, as soon as Huck’s part in the story got out, he would be ashamed of having helped a slave, a black man, escape.

What is Huck’s moral dilemma in Chapter 31?

Dilemma. Huck can’t write home to Miss Watson, since she’ll be upset that he helped steal her slave—but he also wants to fix the situation. Now that he thinks about it, this is really God slapping him in the face for stealing someone else’s property.

What questions do you still have about the adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

Questions & Answers

  • Why does Jim run away?
  • What trick does Huck play on Jim after they get separated in the fog?
  • Why does Huck write the letter to Miss Watson informing her of Jim’s whereabouts?
  • When does Jim earn his freedom?
  • Why doesn’t Huck want to be adopted by Aunt Sally?

What does the lawyer Levi Bell say about Huck’s lying?

Instead of accepting Huck’s story, the lawyer tells Huck, “I wouldn’t strain myself if I was you. I reckon you ain’t used to lying . . . You do it pretty awkward.” Although Huck’s entire journey has been based on lies and deception, he is unable to fool intelligent men for even a moment.

What is Huck’s major conflict in Chapter 31?

The catalyst for Huck’s action is the sale of Jim back into slavery. Ironically, Huck believes he will be shunned by his community and doom himself to literal hell if he aids Jim.

Why does Huckleberry Finn run away from home?

Huck has a brief moral crisis about concealing stolen “property”—Jim, after all, belongs to Miss Watson—but then lies to the men and tells them that his father is on the raft suffering from smallpox. Terrified of the disease, the men give Huck money and hurry away.

Where does Huck hide the gold?

Where does Huck hide the bag of gold? Huck hides the bag of gold in the coffin.