Is Handsome Jack a good guy?

Handsome Jack is one of the most interesting villains I’ve ever seen. In Borderlands 2, despite him having some good motives, and caring about his daughter (in his own way), he’s definitely evil. You’re the hero, and he’s the villain.

What is handsome Jacks story?

In September 2012, Handsome Jack debuted in Borderlands 2. The character is introduced blowing up the train the Vault Hunters, the player characters, are on after luring them to the planet Pandora, with the ultimate goal of finding the next Vault and the power within it.

Is Handsome Jack a villain?

Handsome Jack, the CEO of Hyperion Corporation and main villain of Borderlands 2, is a bad guy. However, the series itself draws a sharp line between Jack and Handsome Jack. So what about Jack, the corporate employee who just wants to find a Vault and advance his career? He’s egotistical, but not evil.

Who kills Handsome Jack?

Handsome Jack
Last Appearance Borderlands: Pre sequel (Original) The Vault of the Traveler (AI)
Death Episode Borderlands 2 (Original) The Vault of the Traveler (AI) (Determinant)
Cause of Death Killed by Vault Hunters or Lilith (Original) AI destroyed inside echo eye by Rhys (Determinant) (AI)

Who is the villain in Borderlands?

Commandant Steele
Commandant Steele is an officer in the Crimson Lance and the main antagonist of Borderlands.

Is Handsome Jack a psychopath?

Handsome Jack is not a psychopath. He’s a cocaine addict.

Is Jack a good guy Hawkeye?

And he seems like a pretty good guy, breaking out his skills with aplomb and panache in aid of Hawkeye and Kate against the Tracksuit Mafia thugs in the action-packed final act, clearly enjoying himself.

Is Handsome Jack the most interesting villain in modern gaming?

Borderlands 2 ‘s resident sociopathic villain, Handsome Jack, just might be one of the most interesting, enduring characters in modern gaming. He has a perplexing dual nature of being both charming and sadistic; hilarious and sinister.

Is Handsome Jack’s Diamond Pony a real Pony?

Not far into Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack makes a point to tell you just how rich and well-off he is by letting you know of his pony made of diamonds — which he hilariously names “Butt Stallion,” and that this is no sculpture; it’s, in fact, a real pony. This rambling about a supposed diamond pony is awesome for a number of reasons.

What does Jack’s attitude reveal about his personality in the story?

It’s Just Sad.” Jack’s ability to hang on to his pride and continuously mock you in your ear — even while tearing down several of his statues, reveals much about his personality.

Did you know that Jack’s most famous line is actually improvisation?

Yes, one of Jack’s most famous lines is actually an improv bit that the voice actor, Dameon Clarke, decided to roll with since he was actually crunching on stale pretzels during his read. Though interestingly enough, it really does fit Jack’s odd and carefree attitude he exudes throughout the game.