Does Nikon COOLPIX have Wi-Fi?

Select Nikon DSLRs and COOLPIX have Wi-Fi® built-in so you can seamlessly transfer images from your Wi-Fi camera to your compatible smartphone or tablet device for easy sharing.

Which Nikon COOLPIX has Wi-Fi?

Nikon COOLPIX S6500
Nikon Coolpix S6500 Wi-Fi Digital Camera with 12x Zoom (Silver)

Model Name Nikon COOLPIX S6500
Brand Nikon
Form Factor Compact
Special Feature Image Stabilization
Color Silver

How do I connect my Nikon camera to Wi-Fi?

Connecting the camera to your device

  1. Open the camera’s Setup menu and select Wi-Fi.
  2. Select Network Connection and then choose Enable.
  3. Select Network Settings to display the screen shown on the right.
  4. Select a connection option.
  5. Launch the Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app on your device.

Does the Nikon D5100 have Wi-Fi?

Storage and battery. The Nikon D5100 stores images on an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card, and is compatible with Eye-Fi cards for wireless connectivity via WiFi.

Is Nikon D3500 Wi-Fi enabled?

*3The D3500 is not equipped with Wi-Fi capability. Therefore, some SnapBridge features available for use with other Nikon cameras may not be supported, or may function differently when used with the D3500. Remote photography over a Bluetooth® connection is possible using the SnapBridge Ver. 2.5 app.

Which Nikon camera has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

Nikon D5600
Compare with similar items

This item Nikon D5600 24.2MP DX-Format DSLR Digital Touchscreen Camera with SnapBridge Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with NFC (Body Only)
Photo Sensor Size APS-C
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Viewfinder Type Optical
Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC

Do all Nikon cameras have Wi-Fi?

All Z series Mirrorless cameras, select Nikon DSLRs and many COOLPIX compact digital cameras have wireless connectivity built-in.

Is the Nikon Coolpix s9700 a good camera?

Every COOLPIX is designed around a genuine NIKKOR glass lens, the legendary optics that have helped make Nikon famous. The COOLPIX S9700’s 30x optical zoom lens goes from wide-angle—great for portraits and landscapes—all the way up to telephoto—great for close-ups of sports, concerts, nature and more.

How many photos can the 9700 take without a flash card?

The 9700 does have one unusual feature. It has a rather large built-in memory. It has a little over 300MB of built-in memory. This means if you don’t have a flash card in the camera, you can still take around 100 16MP photos on the internal memory.

Should I get the Fuji f900exr or the canon 9700?

The 9700 will allow you to zoom in closer but with the Fuji you are less likely to miss the whole shot. The Fuji is also about 80% the size of the 9700 so it makes less of an imprint in your pocket. If I had to pick between the two cameras, definitely the Fuji F900EXR.

Does the s9700 have a GPS feature?

The S9700 has an integrated GPS. When enabled it adds geographic coordinates to your photos—many photo sharing sites and workflow applications will recognize that data and display your photos on a map. The GPS locks onto a signal in about 40 seconds, and the camera has its own world map that displays nearby landmarks.