Are spartan lockers Made in USA?

The Spartan Locker is a mechanical locker that installs into your stock carrier. Each Spartan Locker carries a one year warranty against defect and is recommended for lighter vehicles with 35″ or smaller tires. Made in USA.

Are spartan lockers any good?

The Locker would bind and lock and unlock pretty hard. So I had to take my turns pretty easy and some times I would cost in neutral. (I have a 5 speed). I still love it, I got me over obstacles way smoother than my buddies with bigger tires.

Does a Spartan Locker replace the carrier?

The Spartan Locker’s patent-pending design replaces the spider gears in a standard carrier case, does not use the thrust washers, and has a revolutionary spring-and-pin design that makes installation quick, easy, and much cheaper that other types of lockers!

Who makes USA standard gears?

RANDYS Worldwide
USA Standard Gear and parent company, RANDYS Worldwide, partner with Tailwind Capital.

Who makes the spartan locker?

USA Standard Gear
The Spartan Locker®, by USA Standard Gear, is built to provide affordable, reliable traction for your off-road rig and everyday commuter. Considered to be the toughest Lunchbox Locker on the market, the Spartan Locker is easily installed without any special tools or equipment.

How good are lunchbox lockers?

Lunchbox lockers have an extremely simple design that helps keep the cost low but can introduce issues with on road handling. They’re super easy to install and are great if you want to have a locker in your rig for cheap. If you plan on buying a lunchbox locker we recommend buying one for your front axle.

How does a Spartan helical locker work?

When things get hot the Spartan Helical LSD will limit wheelspin across the drive axle by permitting the axle shafts to spin at different speeds while continuously trying to balance the application of torque between the two axles. This results in transferring more power to the wheel with the best traction.

Are Yukon Gear any good?

Yukon are good gears and many people run them. I have always run either Dana Spicer or Sierra Gear. I can get you f/r 5.13s with install kits in a Sierra Gear (yes new in box) for much less. They are 8620 heat treated alloy with 2yr warranty.

Are Yukon gears made in USA?

Give us a try and experience the Yukon Advantage for yourself. Yukon Gear & Axle commences manufacturing and distribution operations in Everett, WA. Patterned after the famous Powr-Lok, Yukon improves the design for better performance characteristics and durability.

What is a Spartan locker?

These USA Standard Gear Spartan lockers are mechanical lockers that fit into a standard differential carrier, replacing the open spider gears. They do not use thrust washers and have a revolutionary spring and pin design to make installation a snap!

How many spline axles does a Spartan locker have?

Spartan Locker for Ford 8.8″ with 31 spline axles. The Spartan Locker by USA Standard Gear is a mechanical locker that replaces the spiders in a standard case.

Do Spartan lockers have thrust washers?

The Spartan locker’s design does not use the thrust washers and has a revolutionary spring and pin design that makes installation a snap! The couplers and drivers are made from 9310 steel, for added strength. Each Spartan locker carries a one year warranty against defect.

Why choose USA standard gear?

From general automotive repair to off-road trail performance, USA Standard Gear products are quality built, providing the right part at a great value. The Spartan Locker is a mechanical locker that installs directly into standard differential cases, replacing existing spider gears.