Who is the winner of Star Academy 10?

The winner of Star Academy 10 made history by being the first contestant from a country that already had a student win from it. Mohammed Chahin from Egypt became the 4th Egyptian to win the title, and the 3rd consecutive one after Mahmoud Mohey in Season 9 and Nesma Mahgoub In Season 8 .

What is StarStar Academy?

Star Academy provides a comprehensive, individualized education program for students with learning differences in grades 2 through high school and post-secondary. We help students experience academic success on a daily basis.

When did Star Academy 1 start and end?

The first season of Star Academy 1 made its debut in early December 2003. The first season ended on 4 April 2004. The winner was the Egyptian candidate, Mohammad Attia. The inaugural show quickly became popular and tickets for the show became harder to get as the show went on.

Who is the 8th place in StarStar Academy 2?

Star Academy 2: 8th place: Salma Ghazali Algeria : Had signed a contract in which she and 3 other candidates from the same season would share an album with each of them having 2 singles in it. She’s the only one out of the 4 that shared an album altogether, that eventually got signed by the company for a solo album.

What happened to StarStar Academy Arabia?

Star Academy Arabia returned with a brand new name after a hiatus of over a year. The series began on 26 September 2013 and ended on 9 January 2014, and was produced by Endemol Middle East. It aired on three channels including LBCI and CBC Egypt. The contestants of this series were, in order of elimination: 1.

What is Star Academy?

In Saudi Arabia in particular, Star Academy was a media event so popular that its broadcasts achieved record ratings, emptied streets in major cities like Jedda, animated debates, inspired Mosque sermons, and widely distracted students from focusing on final exams in May 2004.