What was the saddest death in HXH?

Hunter X Hunter: 10 Most Important Deaths (In Order)

  1. 1 Netero Made The Ultimate Sacrifice.
  2. 2 Zazan Tested Feitan With Grave Consequence.
  3. 3 Rammot Lived Just Long Enough For Killua To Level Up.
  4. 4 Kite’s Death At Pitou’s Hands Led To Her Demise.
  5. 5 Pokkle Had His Brain Picked.

Who does the King fall in love with HXH?

When Meruem becomes so weak that he is unable to stay awake, he asks Komugi to lay down on her lap and to hold his hand, which she gladly does. Meruem’s final request is that he wishes to hear her say his name one last time. Komugi affectionately says his name and that she will soon join him where he is going.

How was Meruem killed?

While he was out and about gathering his Royal Guards and setting out to create the world he wanted, Netero and the others who infiltrated NGL met him in battle. After Meruem finished his fight against Netero, he ended up getting poisoned and died subsequently.

What were Meruem last words?

“Meruem,” she said softly. His dying brain strained to keep him alive to hear her last words. “I love you.”

Is Zeno a transmuter?

Zeno is a Transmuter. He is an extremely skilled Nen user, undoubtedly one of the finest to have been introduced so far. Aside from his natural category, he is at least also very proficient in Emission, as one of his aura constructs can remain into existence while being several kilometers away from him.

What did Pitou do to Pokkle?

The end of Pokkle’s life is probably one of, if not the darkest thing to happen in the entire series. Going far beyond torture, Pitou literally dug needles into his brain and used them to control his thoughts and speech.

Does Meruem care for Komugi?

Komugi starts as a like a worthless human being to Chimera Ant, Meruem. They play Gungi countless amount of times. There they develop a bonding and a friendship that, at the end, Meruem being close death, chooses to spend his last hours with Komugi. He plays Gungi with her one last time and dies.

How did Meruem die?

Then Methuthuyoupi and Shaiapouf give Meruem their Cells And Nen and Meruem is healed. But later on Meruem dies because he is poisoned with the flower bomb. Other people who have been in contact with him for too long die too. It was the radiation that has killed him and the others who were in contact with Meruem for too long.

What does Meruem mean in Hunter x Hunter?

Trivia According to the Chimera Ant Queen, “Meruem” means “light that illuminates all”. In the Viz translation of Volume 21, the Chimera Ant Queen gives his name as “Meryem”. In Hunter × Hunter Battle Collection, Meruem is considered a Specialist.

What was Meruem like as a character?

Meruem was merciless, killing and cannibalizing any Chimera Ant he deemed to be disrespectful, although he still held respect towards the strong, complimenting Neferpitou for emerging relatively unscathed from an attack that had killed many. He hated saying the same thing twice, and he would often tell others that he would not repeat himself.

What did Meruem say to Shaiapouf?

Meruem states he saw Komugi’s body bathed in light, and the fact he learned her name shocks Shaiapouf. He adds that she will keep growing stronger, although in Gungi alone, and asks Neferpitou if she would survive the Selection, which the Royal Guard denies.