What is Zoob?

Introduced in 1997, ZOOB is an award-winning building set with a difference. ZOOB pieces are based on a natural and living system and features pieces that snap, click or pop together in different ways, making building easy and versatile.

What has Zoobs been up to in 2019?

In October 2019, Zoobs was commissioned by the singer and actress Cher to photograph her performance during her ‘Here We Go Again’ tour at the O2 in London. From 1st February 2020 – ConSept, the interior furniture and accessories store on King’s Road will be exhibiting Dead Heroes, a selection of work from the Word Search series.

What’s inside Zoobs’Insanity Fair?

Step inside Zoobs’ Insanity Fair and explore the intriguing world of the multimedia artist in his cutting-edge 360° virtual tour. Here you will be taken on an immersive audio and visual journey showcasing works by the artist created in the United States during the last seven years.

Who is Zoobs Ansari?

– ZOOBS ANSARI Extract from an extended interview with Dr. Jean Wainwright, art historian and Professor of Contemporary Art and Photography, and artist Zoobs Ansari, London 2019. ZA: I want to make work to make people feel special.