What is XL 12 transfer fluid?

Motorcraft® Transfer Case Fluid XL-12 is manufactured with high-viscosity index, premium-quality, hydroprocessed base oils and specially designed performance additives to provide increased protection against deposit, rust, corrosion, and wear. XL-12 will maintain proper viscosity at extreme temperatures.

What fluid goes in a Ford transfer case?

*****For 1997-2007 Model Years, most Ford Factory Shop Manuals list Mercon as the recommended transfer case fluid. Ford introduced Mercon ATF in 1987 and Mercon is the recommended fluid for most 1997 to 2007 4×4 Ford transfer cases.

What’s the best fluid for a transfer case?

The fluid in the transfer case serves as both lubricant and helps to keep the internal components cool and turning smoothly….

Transfer Case Model Fluid Type
BW4404 ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW4405 ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW4406 ATF (Dexron III or higher)

What is case fluid?

What is transfer case fluid? Your transfer case is filled with a fluid that provides lubrication and cooling to the internal parts. In some transfer cases, the fluid also provides lubrication to a wet clutch that is used to vary how much power is sent to the front or rear wheels.

How much fluid does a NP205 hold?

The NP205 holds 2.5 qts.

Can I put transmission fluid in my transfer case?

Transfer cases may be filled with gear oil, automatic transmission fluid (ATF), or specialty lubricants. It is important to regularly inspect the transfer case for any damage, leaks, or other concerns.

What kind of fluid does a NP205 take?

I heard years ago that you can either use 80W-90 gear oil, or ATF in NP205 transfer cases. My Clymer manual calls for Dexron II ATF (I believe type F is Ford). I have Mobil 1 75W-90 in my NP205, which I put in before I got the manual. It’s synthetic and hasn’t caused any problems with the seals.

What is XL-12 fluid for transfer case fluid?

I called several dealers and they all tell me XL-12 is a friction modifier like XL-3… I then ask the service writer what they use in ’08 transfer cases, he tells me Mercon V. Has anyone changed their transfer case fluid replaced and what did you use.

What type of fluid is used in the transfer case?

They used Mercon V in the transfer case (which I thought was a little strange at the time since there is a dedicated transfer case fluid–Part No. XL-12). I had read in different forums that ATF is often used in XFer cases, so at the time I did not ponder over it too long.

What is the capacity of transfer case fluid in a Ford?

Item Capacity Ford part name or equivalent Ford part number/Ford specification Transfer case fluid 1.6 quarts (1.5L)^5 Motorcraftu0001 Transfer Case Fluid XL-12/— (4X4/AWD) ^5 Service refill capacity is determined by filling the transfer case to the bottom of the filler hole with the vehicle on a level surface.

Can transfer case fluid be used in front axles?

Transfer case fluid is recommended by Ford Motor Company for use in transfer cases driving front axles on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury AWD/4X4 vehicles For use in transfer cases where MERCON ATF was previously recommended; do not use in AWD vehicles equipped with a transaxle