What is the record for King Salmon in Michigan?

47.86 pounds
As daylight broke over the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan on Saturday, Captain Bobby Sullivan netted a huge Chinook salmon for his client, Luis Hernandez Martinez. A few hours later, the fish was certified as the new state-record king; officially weighing in at 47.86 pounds.

What’s the biggest fish ever caught in Lake Michigan?

– Luis Martinez, of Ortonville, was troll fishing on Lake Michigan near Ludington Saturday when he caught a Chinook salmon weighing nearly 48 pounds. At 47.86 pounds and measuring 47.5 inches, it broke the state’s largest Chinook salmon record, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

What is the Michigan State record salmon?

Martinez, a 2020 Brandon High School graduate and township resident, hooked into a new Michigan State Record Chinook salmon tipping the scale at 47.86-pounds, 47 1/2-inch early on Aug. 7 several miles off-shore Big Sable Point, Ludington.

How big do king salmon get in Lake Michigan?

between 15 and 30 pounds
The “King” is the largest salmon and the fastest growing fish in Lake Michigan. The mature adult 4-year “Kings” can typically weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.

What’s the largest king salmon ever caught?

126 pounds
Commonly called “king salmon” or simply “kings” by Alaskans, Chinook are the largest of Alaska’s salmon and, even in the best of times, the least abundant. The heaviest on record, caught in 1949 in a Petersburg commercial fish trap, weighed an astonishing 126 pounds.

Are there riptides in Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan’s riptide and longshore tides are unparalleled when it comes to danger among all the Great Lakes. In fact, it features cause it to have highly unusual amounts of dangerous tides compared to anywhere else in the US.

Are there king salmon in Lake Michigan?

Chinook salmon, referred to as king salmon, are considered Lake Michigan royalty and what anglers will drive for miles to catch. During the summer, these fish show up in large numbers, testing the resolve and endurance of anglers for rod-bending action weighing up to 30 pounds or more.

What is the biggest predator in Lake Michigan?

Invasive sea lamprey
It’s a mystery. Invasive sea lamprey, the Great Lakes’ biggest predator, primarily feed on lake trout, one of the lakes’ most prized sports fish. When trout populations are high, researchers expect to see fewer lamprey-wounded fish, and more of those wounds when lamprey populations are spiking.

What’s the biggest king salmon ever caught?

What is the biggest King Salmon ever caught in Michigan?

19-year-old Luis Hernandez Martinez just caught the largest King Salmon ever landed in any of the 5 Great Lakes, and a new state record in Michigan This was also the very first time Luis had ever gone salmon fishing and he took down a 43-year-old record and blew everyone away

How old was the world record king salmon caught in 1978?

The 19-year-old compared breaking the more than four-decades old record — a 46.06 king salmon was caught in 1978 — to winning the lottery. “I cannot believe it, it’s like I won the lottery, from a fisherman at least,” he said.

What is the biggest fish ever caught in the Great Lakes?

The fishing world’s newest record holder is 19-year-old Luis Hernandez Martinez of Michigan. He just took down a 43-year-old record by landing the largest King Salmon ever caught in any of the five Great Lakes. His fish is now a certified new state record in Michigan.

What is the biggest Chinook ever caught in Michigan?

The weight of the king salmon was later certified by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and officially became the new state and Lake Michigan record. The cherry on top is that Martinez’s first-ever salmon is also likely the largest chinook caught in any of the Great Lakes.