What happened in chapter 8 Into the Wild?

In Chapter 8, Krakauer tells us about one of these other explorers: the Mayor of Hippie Cove. His real name was Gene Rosellini. Like Chris, Gene was a well-educated man from a wealthy family who had many talents and prospects. Also like Chris, Gene abandoned a promising life for a wandering journey in the wilderness.

What is the purpose of chapter 8 in Into the Wild?

Chapters Eight and Nine present several characters with whom Jon Krakauer explicitly compares Christopher McCandless in a further attempt to solve the mystery of his psychology. These chapters are thus largely argumentative or expository, though both contain significant amounts of storytelling in a biographical vein.

When people read about Chris McCandless death What was their reaction chapter 8?

In Chapters 8 and 9, Krakauer compares McCandless with other explorers before him. Krakauer notes the lack of sympathy Alaskans felt for McCandless when they read the article Krakauer wrote about his death. Many felt that he was a foolish child, who arrogantly attempted to brave the Alaskan wilderness.

Who was John Waterman what happened to him and why?

John Waterman, 54, was sentenced to 45 years in prison for raping and killing his 36-year-old neighbor and raping a 31-year-old woman in the Hudson Bayou neighborhood of Sarasota in 1991.

How does Krakauer feel about Chris?

Ultimately Krakauer seems to believe that McCandless wasn’t consumed by existential despair, but driven by meaning and purpose. He distrusted the value of things that came easily. “He demanded much of himself,” the author writes, ” — more, in the end, than he could deliver.”

What is the author’s purpose in Into the Wild?

Jon Krakauer’s purpose for writing “Into the Wild” was to explain exactly what happened to Chris on the trail and find a motive for why Chris decided to do this. Jon Krakauer intended to motivate young readers to shed society’s materialism and do what makes them happy by providing justification for Chris’s actions.

Why couldnt Chris leave Denali National Park?

Why couldn’t Christopher McCandless leave Denali National Park? He had renounced human society for religious reasons. He couldn’t cross a river because of summer flooding.

What did Alaskans think of McCandless?

Alaskans judges harshly people who are unprepared for the wilderness. Alaska does not allow one to take it lightly, it can and does kill people who take it lightly and are unprepared. Most people here (Alaska) think he was a fool. They’re right.

Who is John Mallon Waterman?

John Waterman – Another adventurer Krakauer considers is John Mallon Waterman. Waterman was raised in the same Washington D.C. metro area as McCandless. As a child Waterman’s father took him climbing frequently. He was very talented and developed a reputation for his skill.

What is Chapter 8 of into the Wild About?

Chapter 8 of Into the Wild offers insight into the how we could understand McCandless as a person, through context. The chapter presents a view into the reaction of the general public towards his death, which had its fair share of negativity.

What is the book into the Wild About?

Jon Krakauer’s 1996 publication ‘Into The Wild’ is an adventurous book about being in the wilderness of Alaska. Review a detailed summary of chapter 8 and analyze its main themes, characters, and events. Updated: 12/27/2021

What is Chapter 8 about in the Outsiders?

Chapter 8 focuses solely on the criticism of Chris as a mentally ill person, and places it next to ideas of praise of his bravery and wish to start anew. Sophie Latham

What is the theme of Chapter 8 in the book?

Overall, Chapter 8 focused solely on perspective of McCandless’s situation. The author’s article in Outside magazine received many responses; the most typical was one of superiority, clouded with a hint of astonishment that someone could possibly be so impetuous.