What are the 6 types of land uses?

Cities are classified into 6 major land-use groups – residential, transportation, institutional and public buildings, commercial and industrial.

  • October 8, 2020.
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What are some examples of land use?

“Land use” is the term used to describe the human use of land. It represents the economic and cultural activities (e.g., agricultural, residential, industrial, mining, and recreational uses) that are practiced at a given place.

What is land use and its types?

There are many types of land use we need to consider when studying the topic. Those types include recreational, transport, agricultural, residential, and commercial. Recreational land is used for human pleasure.

What are two different types of land cover?


  • Croplands.
  • Urban and Built-Up.
  • Cropland/Natural Vegetation Mosaic.
  • Snow and Ice.
  • Barren or Sparsely Vegetated.

How many types of land use patterns are there Mcq?

There are widely 10 land use patterns; radio centric (a large circle with development starting from centre), rectilinear (2 areas crossing centre), star (open spaces in star shape), ring (areas in circle with open space in centre), linear (along topography contours), branch (with connecting areas), sheet (spread out).

What’s in the Polokwane area?

Types of the area; • The only natural Wetland in the Polokwane area; • The major rivers and dams of the area; • The Polokwane Nature Reserve and surrounding Protected Natural Areas; • The 85 mapped heritage sites in the area, and other sites that have not been

How much of Polokwane’s land is available for farming?

Source: Polokwane LED Strategy) The departmental study indicates (see table below) that more than 10% of provincial land is not available for farming, mostly due to settlement development. Another 14% of the land is cultivated, mostly on soil with a low capability. POLOKWANE MUNICIPAL SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK 2010 23

Why greater Polokwane municipal area?

The Greater Polokwane Municipal area should be the focus for sustainable development through the protection of natural resources and cultural heritage (effective environmental management) and to promote an urban form that supports greater efficiencies in land use and service provision.

What is a mixed land use area in South Africa?

The area along the N1-route from the urban edge, just to the west of Meropa Casino towards the Central Business District of Polokwane is identified as a mixed land use area, wherein special land uses such as the proposed Convention POLOKWANE MUNICIPAL SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK, 2010 214