What are five different weather expressions in Spanish?

Spanish Weather Adjectives:

  • Sunny: soleado.
  • Cloudy: nublado.
  • Windy: ventoso.
  • Misty: neblina.
  • Foggy: niebla.
  • Clear: despejado.
  • Bad weather: mal tiempo.
  • Good weather: buen tiempo.

What are some weather expressions?

In this lesson, I will teach you ten common weather expressions: steal someone’s thunder , get wind of something , be on cloud nine , weather a storm , take a rain check , rain on someone’s parade , storm out , take by storm , under the weather , and calm before the storm .

How do you say weather seasons in Spanish?

If you’re looking for a quick answer, the four seasons in Spanish are: la primavera – “spring” el verano – “summer” el otoño – “autumn/fall”…El clima (“the weather”):

  1. temperaturas bajas – “low temperatures”
  2. la nieve – “snow”
  3. el hielo – “ice”
  4. la escarcha – “frost”
  5. las nubes – “clouds”

What are some weather expressions in Spanish?

The following is a list of Spanish language vocabulary for weather. Weather – La clima. It is snowing. Está nevando. It is raining. Está lloviendo. It is cloudy. Está nublado. It is foggy.

How do you say good weather in Spanish?

b. el tiempo está bueno. It was cold and rainy yesterday, but the weather is good today. Hacía frío y llovía ayer, pero el tiempo está bueno hoy. c. el clima es bueno. I’m sorry you had to go to Phoenix. – Don’t be. The weather is good this time of year.Lamento que hayas tenido que ir a Phoenix. – Para nada. El clima es bueno en esta época del año.

How do you describe the weather in Spanish?

Está caluroso – It is hot

  • Hace calor – It is hot
  • Hay niebla – There is fog
  • What is the weather like in Spanish?

    There are two main ways to talk about the weather in Spanish: Terms in this set (14) el tiempo. the weather ¿Qué tiempo hace? What is the weather like? Hace sol. It is sunny. Hace calor. It is hot. Hace buen tiempo. The weather is good. Hace mal tiempo. The weather is bad. Hace frío. It’s cold. Hace fresco.