Is DBT the gold standard for BPD?

The Gold Standard DBT is recognized as the “gold standard” for people with BPD.

Is DBT just for borderline personality disorder?

Although medications can provide adjunctive treatment in patients with BPD and comorbid psychiatric symptoms, DBT is currently the only empirically supported treatment for BPD.

Is BPD curable?

But we now know that BPD is treatable. In fact, the long-term prognosis for BPD is better than those for depression and bipolar disorder. However, it requires a specialized approach. The bottom line is that most people with BPD can and do get better—and they do so fairly rapidly with the right treatments and support.

Which disorder is the most common personality disorder?

BPD is currently the most commonly diagnosed personality disorder. You can read more about it on our pages on borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Can you get DBT without BPD?

Find a Therapist In the years since Linehan released her first treatment and skills training manuals, DBT has been tried and tested in many settings, including with people who do not have borderline personality but who are living with other mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and addictions.

What does DBT target?

DBT Treatment Targets Life-threatening behaviors: First and foremost, behaviors that could lead to the client’s death are targeted, including suicide communications, suicidal ideation, and all forms of suicidal and non-suicidal self-injury.

What types of DBT skills groups does the Seattle Clinic offer?

The Seattle Clinic currently offers the following DBT skills groups: Clients who are receiving behaviorally-oriented individual therapy elsewhere may be eligible to join, space permitting. If you are interested in either multi-family DBT skills group, please complete the web form for Dr. Liz LoTempio to get in touch.

What is dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) DBT is a comprehensive evidence-based treatment that was designed and researched to treat adolescents and adults with a range of problem behaviors, typically related to difficulty regulating emotions. DBT has the strongest research support of any intervention for teens and adults with suicidal or self-harm…

Why choose the DBT Center at ebtcs?

The DBT Center at EBTCS is certified by the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, a rigorous process that establishes that our program closely follows the treatment manual, the principles set forth by Dr. Linehan, and the protocols used in DBT research.

How can DBT help me?

Since 2002, we have provided comprehensive DBT and related services. DBT is considered the most researched, best supported treatment for borderline personality disorder (BPD). However, research clearly shows that DBT is not just for BPD; it is effective in treating anyone with problems regulating intense emotions.