How many died in Rwandan genocide?

Rwandan genocide
Date 7 April – 15 July 1994
Target Tutsi population and moderate Hutus
Attack type Genocide, mass murder
Deaths Estimated: 491,000–800,000 (Tutsi only)

How many Tutsi died in 1994?

632,900 Tutsi
The death toll would be estimated at 632,900 Tutsi, a loss of about 80.8% of the Tutsi population in 1994.

What caused the Rwandan genocide?

The genocide was the culmination of decades of division and incitement of hatred towards the Tutsi by extremists in the country’s leadership, which was controlled by members of the Hutu majority group.

How did Rwandan genocide end?

The genocide ended when the Tutsi-dominated rebel movement, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), captured Kigali. The RPF overthrew the Hutu government and seized power.

How many Tutsi are left?


Regions with significant populations
Rwanda 1–2 million (9%–15% of the total population)
Burundi 1.7 million (14% of the total population)
DR Congo 411,000 (0.4% of the total population)

How long did the Rwanda genocide last?

100 days
Beginning in 1994 and lasting only 100 days, the Rwandan Genocide is one of the most notorious modern genocides. During this 100 day period between April and July 1994, nearly one million ethnic Tutsi and moderate Hutu were killed as the international community and UN peacekeepers stood by.

How were the Tutsis killed?

Women were systematically and brutally raped. Sometimes, Tutsis were murdered or attacked by their neighbors. It is estimated that some 200,000 people participated in carrying out the genocide, though there were also people involved in the killing who also helped rescue or protect those targeted.

Where did the Rwandan genocide occur?

Started by Hutu nationalists in the capital of Kigali, the genocide spread throughout the country with shocking speed and brutality, as ordinary citizens were incited by local officials and the Hutu Power government to take up arms against their neighbors.

Who killed the Rwandan president?

The killing of President Habyarimana was carried out, according to evidence developed by Judge Bruguie’re, by members of the RPF, who fired two surface- to-air missiles at the Presidential aircraft from a location within territory con- trolled by the Rwandan armed forces.

How did the world react to the Rwandan genocide?

The international community largely ignored the Rwandan genocide, labeling it an “internal conflict.” The major powers at the United Nations discouraged international intervention.

When did the Rwanda genocide start?

April 7, 1994Rwandan genocide / Start date

What did the UN do to stop the Rwandan genocide?

On 7 April 2004, the tenth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan outlined a five-point action plan for preventing genocide: 1. Prevent armed conflict, which usually provides the context for genocide; 2. Protect civilians in armed conflict, including through UN peacekeepers; 3.