How do you wrap a book with duct tape?


  1. Measure your book.
  2. Cut your duct tape according to the width that you wrote down.
  3. Make a duct tape fabric sheet.
  4. Flip the duct tape fabric over.
  5. Apply more duct tape to the back, staggering the pieces.
  6. Fold the excess tape over the edges.
  7. Trim the side edges of your fabric.

Can duct tape be used for bookbinding?

This will work well and the results will be reversible when you take the book in for professional repair. It may still cause some damage depending on the cover, but far, far less than household tape. Using duct tape, or any other household tape will cause damage that may not be repairable.

Is gaffer tape good for book binding?

Gaffers tape is also widely used when binding books since its matte appearance is preferable to the shinny look you would get back with a duct tape. Its cloth backing also makes it very conformable so as to wrap nicely around a book binding.

Fold the duct tape fabric around the book. Wrap the duct tape fabric around the front cover, spine, and back cover. There will be about 3¼ inches (8.26 centimeters) of excess duct tape fabric on each edge. Fold this excess duct tape fabric over the edges of the cover and onto the inside.

How do you bind a book with a paper bag?

Fold the paper bag over the back cover. Make a crease, then turn all of the pages to the right. Fold the paper bag over the front cover and make another crease. If the paper bag flaps get in the way of the binding, trim them back a little.

How do you make a book cover out of fabric?

Overlap each strip by about ½ inch (1.27 centimeters). Keep laying down overlapping strips until the fabric is the height of your book (plus the extra ¼ inch (0.64 centimeter). It would be easiest to work on top of a cutting mat. This way, you can peel the sheet off when you are done.

How do you cut the edges of a book cover?

Trim the side edges of your fabric. Use a metal ruler and a craft blade to cut down the side edges until your cover is the right width. This includes the entire width of your book plus the additional 6½ inches (16.51 centimeters).