How do I fix Dark Souls remastered slow motion?

Fixes that help

  1. Update your GPU card drivers. That should be your first step, it’s just common sense.
  2. Ensure you’re using your dedicated graphics card.
  3. Check your monitor refresh rate.
  4. Optimize your GPU for performance.
  5. Test whether you can run it at 60fps at all.
  6. If it ran ok with the worst settings, start throttling up.

How do I mod dark souls remastered?

Players who download Drag and Drop Mod Manager will need to move the downloaded files straight into their Dark Souls file folders. They then just need to open the Mod Manager and any downloaded mods can be dragged right into the Mod Manager interface.

When was DSFix released?

The PC version was released on August 23, 2012. A user-created mod to circumvent the resolution cap, named DSFix, appeared shortly after release. DSFix was later extended to become an unofficial fan-made patch that also allowed graphical improvements, raising the framerate cap to 60, and installing custom texture mods.

Why is Dark Souls remastered laggy?

The reason behind this is that game speed is tied to the frame rate of the game. Since the game wants to run at 60fps, any framerate below that will have the effect of slow motion. Say the game runs at 30fps then you will need twice as much real time to perform an action than you would with 60fps.

What is DSFix and how do I use it?

DSfix provides (if you enable it) a “Time Machine” of 10 save game backups from the past, spaced 25 minutes apart. It’s the only defense against corrupted save games, or hackers who can ruin your save file. 1) Open DSfix.ini with a text editor.

How long did it take for DSFix to fix the game?

13 minutes after release a fan-patch named DSFix by a man with the online handle of “Durante” fixed almost all major problems with the title and continued to be updated allowing a similar customisability that even most PC games lack these days.

Does DSFix work with chain mail skirts?

With a chain mail skirt DSFix now scans for the addresses it needs to patch instead of hard-coding them, making it work even if the game is updated. Now works with Steam.

How do I change the backup interval in DSFix?

1) Open DSfix.ini with a text editor. 2) Make sure the ‘enableBackups’ variable is set to “1” (with that being enabled and “0” being disabled.) Optional: Change the ‘backupInterval’ variable from 1500 to 600 so backups are 10 minutes apart.