What is special about La Perla?

La Perla | Luxury Lingerie, Nightwear & Swimwear. A celebration of self-confidence and an ode to the art of the body in motion. From delicate lingerie to romantic separates and extraordinary swimwear, each piece is designed with a spirit of freedom and movement in mind.

Is La Perla out of business?

Ada Masotti was trained as a corset-maker. The current creative director of La Perla is French designer Valerie Delafosse, who joined La Perla in 2020….La Perla (clothing)

Type Private company
Industry Fashion
Founded 1954
Founder Ada Masotti
Headquarters Bologna , Italy

Where is neiwai from?

The Shanghai-based company, founded in 2012, started out with comfortable bralette as their hero product, and is now expanding into lingerie, loungewear and athleisure. The brand has won praise for its feminist narratives and portrayal of diverse bodies in its marketing, still a rarity in China.

How does La Perla fit?

La Perla Fit The band is slightly bigger than my preferred size of 32, and the full-coverage cups feel true-to-size. However, even with the extra fabric, this bra still doesn’t do much in the way of lift or shaping. Instead, it gives me a teardrop shape that makes me look nearly braless. Again, not a bad thing.

Is NEIWAI a Chinese brand?

Digital native lingerie brands like NEIWAI have been disrupting this fragmented market sector. In recent years this Chinese homegrown lingerie brand founded in 2012 saw a stellar growth. In addition to its e-commerce channels, NEIWAI opened more than 150 brick and mortar shops across the country.

Is NEIWAI a Chinese?

Neiwai is a Chinese lingerie brand launched in 2012 with the aspiration to create lingerie & loungewear that free wearer’s bodies and minds.