How do you identify the National cash register?

The serial number is the above number on the tag on the front of your machine. National cash registers were made in red brass, nickel plate, and copper oxidized.

How much money is in a cash register?

The price of a cash register depends on the type, model, and range of features that come with it, so you can expect to pay anywhere from under to $100 to more than $2,000.

How old is NCR?

NCR Corporation

Latest variant of the 1996 Saul Bass-designed logo
Traded as NYSE: NCR S&P 400 Component
Industry Information Technology
Founded 1884 in Dayton, Ohio, U.S. Incorporation: 1900
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia , U.S.

Who buys old cash registers?

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What is the best cash register?


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  • How much is my antique cash register worth?

    There is a serial number and stamped label stating the merchant’s name and address on the machine. Most antique cash registers sell for several thousands of dollars on the antiques market depending on several factors. National cash registers are often uncovered in abandoned general stores, flea markets, yard sales.

    How old is my cash register?

    NCR Serial Number Dates Look up you brass National Cash Register’s serial number below to see when it was shipped. If your machine’s serial number has an S before the number (Sxxxxxx), this means it is a factory re-manufactured machine. Go down to the bottom of this table for the shipping date. If you have ]