What is the meaning of Velvet Underground?

With guitarist Morrison (a Syracuse classmate of Reed’s) and percussionist MacLise, Reed on guitar and vocals and Cale on piano, viola, and bass formed a more permanent band to play these songs, ultimately settling on the name the Velvet Underground, taken from the title of a paperback book about deviant sex.

What happened Velvet Underground?

In late May 1973, the band and the tour manager parted ways, thus bringing the Velvet Underground to an end until the classic line-up of Reed, Tucker, Morrison and Cale would reunite in the 1990s.

Is Velvet Underground good?

All five albums from one of the greatest rock bands of all time, ranked. The Velvet Underground are one of the most mythologized bands in history, for good reasons and bad. Their avant-garde rock was way ahead of its time, and Lou Reed was one of the greatest American songwriters ever.

Is it Velvet Underground or The Velvet Underground?

The Velvet Underground was an American rock band, (not bebop). It was founded in 1964. The original line-up was Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker….

The Velvet Underground
by Billy Name, 1968
Background information
Also known as The Warlocks, The Falling Spikes
Origin New York City, New York

What does back to the Velvet Underground mean?

In the song Gypsy it says, Going back to the velvet underground/ Back to the floor… which means my bed went back on the floor, with the paper flowers and the, you know, there’s a part of that that [era] there will never be again except that it does live in my house because it was so special.

What is the Velvet Underground biggest hit?

Top 10 Velvet Underground Songs

  • ‘White Light / White Heat’
  • ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’
  • ‘Pale Blue Eyes’
  • ‘Rock & Roll’
  • ‘Sweet Jane’
  • ‘Venus in Furs’ From: ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ (1967)
  • ‘Heroin’ From: ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ (1967)
  • ‘I’m Waiting for the Man’ From: ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ (1967)

Who is the godfather of punk rock?

Iggy Pop
— better known by his stage persona, Iggy Pop — has earned a reputation as “the Godfather of Punk.” This is thanks mostly to his tenure as the frontman of the proto-punk band the Stooges, but also because his reckless, sui generis stage presence embodied a gleeful but slightly scary abandon that became synonymous with …

What happened Nico?

Nico, who sang with the pop group Velvet Underground and became one of Andy Warhol’s film stars, died Monday after falling off a bicycle on the Spanish island of Ibiza. She was 49 years old.

Who wrote the lyrics for Gypsy?

Stevie NicksGypsy / Lyricist

What is the Velvet’s “the murder mystery”?

It’s one of the Velvet’s quintessential songs, incorporating rhythmic and melodic dissonance, sound feedback and unconventional composition. “The Murder Mystery” consists of four different songs that have been forced together to create one song .

Who sang the song’the murder mystery’by the Velvet Underground?

The song was sung by Yule at Reed’s insistence. The LP sleeve was designed by Dick Smith, then a staff artist at MGM/Verve, with Billy Name’s photo of the band sitting sedately on a couch at Andy Warhol’s Factory . “The Murder Mystery” included all four band members’ voices.

What is “the murder mystery”?

“The Murder Mystery” consists of four different songs that have been forced together to create one song . Each member of the group sings/recites their own narrative. These narratives are constantly clashing.

How long is the Velvet Underground’s “The Velvet Underground?

The penultimate track on the group’s 3rd album: The Velvet Underground. It is an overwhelming 9 minute track, featuring two layers of vocals played over each other. From the… Read More Isn’t it nice?