What is an architecture board?

The Architecture Board is the sponsor of the architecture within the enterprise, but the Architecture Board itself needs an Executive Sponsor from the highest level of the corporation. This commitment must span the planning process and continue into the maintenance phase of the architecture project.

What do you put on an architecture board?

Architectural Presentation Board Design Tips

  1. Perspective view that shows off the design best.
  2. Concise statement that tells them about the features and benefits of your design.
  3. Front, top, and side views of the Floor Plan.
  4. Include at least two elevation views.

Which of the following is a responsibility of an architecture board?

From a governance perspective, the Architecture Board is also responsible for: The production of usable governance material and activities. Providing a mechanism for the formal acceptance and approval of architecture through consensus and authorized publication.

What is the Internet architecture Board do?

The Internet Architecture Board provides long-range technical direction for Internet development, ensuring the Internet continues to grow and evolve as a platform for global communication and innovation.

What does an architecture review board do?

An Architecture Review Board (ARB) is responsible for validating, recommending, and approving solutions supporting the business that meet a defined criteria, executed through a set of processes to manage outcomes, exceptions and all decisions that will be in turn cataloged to support future decision making.

What is the role of architecture governance board?

Purpose. The Architecture Review Board (ARB) serves as a governance body ensuring IT initiatives align with Ecosystem Architecture and ultimately align with MIT IT goals, strategies, and objectives. The ARB’s purpose is to improve the quality of IS Products.

What does IETF mean?

Internet Engineering Task Force
The IETF is an open international community of network designers, operators, vendors and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet.

What is a technical review board?

Technical Review Board (TRB) – The TRB members consist of technical Subject Matter Experts who review and validate technical solutions to ensure the solutions are compliant with TIGTA’s Enterprise Architecture.